Kelsey’s Steakhouse: Exceeding Expectations Since 1987

kelseysartsy-photoIn 1987, a community staple came into existence in Northwest Indiana. With owners who have been in the restaurant industry for the better part of their lives, Kelsey's Steak House has been delivering great food and creating great memories for over 25 years.

Knowing that the customer is what determines a restaurant's success, they went our of their way to bring the people what they wanted: great food, excellent service, good prices, and a clean restaurant.

Using only hand-cut, USDA approved beef and never marinating, freezing, or tenderizing, Kelsey's cooks these delicious steaks over an open charcoal grill to order. Fresh soups are made daily, fresh bread comes to every table from Strongbow, and scratch-made items fill the menu.

iacf1Kelsey's Steakhouse opened its original location across the street from Portage High School. While the second location in Valparaiso was in construction, the Portage location was destroyed in a fire. Not to be deterred, the Hoods rebuilt the restaurant in a new location on the corner of Swanson Road and Route 6.

It's always been important to Kelsey's that they be involved in their communities. You can find them -with their cleverly marked catering van- at the Popcorn Fest every year, events at Sunset Hill Farms, the Taste of Valpo, and celebrating birthdays and anniversaries and Sunday family dinners with their patrons.

Guests, whether they are repeat customers or brand new to the establishment, are treated like family from the moment they walk in the door to the moment they leave. Many are known by name, and if they don't know your name at Kelsey's, then you haven't told them yet. 


On top of the two physical locations, Kelsey's can be found online! On top of their cool website there's a Facebook page, they can be followed on Twitter at @KelseysSteak, found on Google+, Foursquare, Yelp, and Tripadvisor. So as you can see, there is a huge online presence here.