Kelsey’s Steakhouse: Fitting All Diets Under One Roof

Kelsey’s Steakhouse: Fitting All Diets Under One Roof
By: Contributor Last Updated: December 27, 2016

In the era of gluten free, vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan, and paleo diets, along with the regular healthy eating, finding a good restaurant can be tough. As someone that tries to eat healthy and does not eat meat other than fish (pescatarian), dining out can be tough, especially with my husband being a big fan of steaks, wings, and all things unhealthy. I recently met with Ken Blaney from Kelsey’s Steakhouse to learn more about all they have to offer that fits any diet, of which most don’t know about.

Kelsey’s Steakhouse was welcomed into the area in 1987 and has since been a staple here in NW Indiana. They obviously serve great steaks and choice meat cuts but they also offer a lot more than great beef. Owner, Ken Blaney mentions, “we cook everything fresh and on the grill. When you cook on the grill you don’t need the butter or oil used on most flat tops.” Good cuts of meat straight on the grill is a great source of protein. That paired along with steamed veggies like mixed veggies, broccoli, or asparagus and you are set for diet success.

Now, what if you have some dietary restrictions? Kelsey’s has you covered:

A vegetarian is someone who does not eat any meat. Options: Grilled veggie kabobs, roasted red pepper portabella mushroom: a grilled portabella topped with jack cheese and roasted red pepper. These are the two most popular options but the menu also has a grilled portabella sandwich that is a perfect vegetarian option.

A vegan diet does not contain meat or any animal byproducts such as milk, eggs, and cheese. Options: all of the options above can be created without cheese, mayo, or anything that makes it not vegan friendly.

Kelseys-Steakhouse-Fitting-All-Diets-Under-One-Roof_03Pescatarian is someone who does not eat any meat other than fish/seafood. Options: Shrimp, lobster, salmon, and sea bass. You can eat the shrimp as a cocktail or grilled. Kelsey’s steams their lobster tail and you can have that with or without the side of drawn butter. The sea bass comes with some toppings and is cooked with butter. While it is pescatarian friendly, it can also be prepared plain grilled for an even healthier option. The salmon option is grilled fresh daily and a perfect healthy choice.

Paleo is short for Paleolithic diet and means a diet typically including vegetables, fruits, nuts, roots, and meat while excluding foods such as dairy products, grains, sugar, legumes, processed oils, salt, and alcohol or coffee. Options: very similar to gluten free, the options are plentiful at Kelsey’s. The choice cuts of fresh meat, amazing vegetables, and modifications that the Kelsey’s staff is happy to provide all make a perfect fit for someone on this diet.

Kelseys-Steakhouse-Fitting-All-Diets-Under-One-Roof_02Gluten Free is a diet that excludes gluten, a protein composite found in wheat, barley, rye, and all their species and hybrids. Options: The GF options at Kelsey’s are plentiful! Many of the menu items fit right in with these restrictions. Just think, meat, veggies, potato or rice and you are set! These options are all gluten free and can be served butter free to push your health efforts to the max.

It is obvious that Kelsey’s amazing menu lends itself to be a great spot for healthy options but they are also open to modifications that suit you best. Ken mentions, “When someone comes in we try to give them exactly what they want, exactly how they want it, and 99% of the time we can. We are a great place for groups of people, some of which are watching their diet and some that want to splurge. We have it all for both.” If you haven’t, stop out to Kelsey’s today and give their menu a try. The new year and new resolutions are right around the corner and Kelsey’s is here to help.