Kelsey’s Steakhouse Hosts Beer Dinner Featuring Ballast Point With Indiana Beverage

Kelsey’s Steakhouse Hosts Beer Dinner Featuring Ballast Point With Indiana Beverage

A new team was formed on Wednesday night. Kelsey’s Steakhouse of Valpo partnered up with Ballast Point and Indiana Beverage to bring a special beer dinner to Porter County.

Kelsey’s first craft beer event showcased a slew of different beverages. But their main goal was to bring the community together to spice up the Region’s pre-Father’s Day routine.

“This would be a great Father’s Day gift to give someone,” Kelsey’s manager Michelle Prosser said. “You can say, ‘Here, I got you two tickets for the beer dinner tonight.’

The steakhouse rode the wave of their previous success to bring something new to the table.

“It is a lot of fun, a very good time,” Prosser said. “We’ve done a couple of wine events, and afterwards, people are always like, ‘When are you going to do another one?’”

David Gage of Indiana Beverage assisted with the evening’s festivities by greeting customers.

“We like to keep the events really casual, and we encourage people to talk to their neighbors,” he said. “I love doing events like this because I like to see people get into specialty beers more often.”

Ballast Point is a nationwide brewery and distillery based out of San Diego. Indiana sales representative Joe Doyel came to Northwest Indiana to debunk a common misconception.

“Beer is much more diverse than wine,” he said. “A lot of people equate wine as more of a food-friendly beverage, but in actuality, beer is much more food-friendly than wine can ever be.”

Doyel was unable to suppress a grin when speaking about his passion.

“It’s fun to break that stereotype a little bit,” he said. “My job includes talking about good beer and eating good food, so that is always something to be excited about.”

Kelsey’s manager Ken Blaney united the crowd with one simple question.

“When you have good people and good food, what better reason to get together?” he said.