Kelsey’s Steakhouse upped the ‘steaks’ at the Popcorn Festival

Kelsey’s Steakhouse upped the ‘steaks’ at the Popcorn Festival
By: Beth Ireland Last Updated: September 12, 2019

The dust has settled and another great Popcorn Festival is in the books. It was a busy weekend, especially for the good people at Kelsey’s Steakhouse. But now the team is back to business as usual, full from serving festival customers their delicious steak sandwiches and prime rib.

The annual tradition of serving attendees at Popcorn Festival goes back many years. Now a staple, Kelsey’s Steak House serves hundreds of hungry festival-goers. From their prime rib luncheon on Friday, where they served lunch to 600, to their food truck parked out at the festival Saturday, the Popcorn Festival is one of the busiest—and most enjoyable—weekends for the staff.

Thanks to the hard work of Kelsey’s staff members, the event made for a stellar opportunity to serve the Valparaiso community. From cooks to servers, the team was on fire and full of smiles for the many customers over the weekend.

Kelsey’s community involvement doesn’t end with the Popcorn Festival. Their charitable involvements reach into all sectors of the community. One example of the restaurant’s care for the community is their annual “Tip a Cop” fundraiser, which raises money for the Gang Resistance Education and Training program. (You can read more about this year’s Tip a Cop event here.)

Kelsey’s has even shown involvement in local theater. When Memorial Opera House performed the musical “Into the Woods”, the need for a prop cow was fulfilled by Kelsey’s Steakhouse. The cow, Milky White, came to Memorial House on loan thanks to the generosity of Kelsey’s very own Howie. (We have the full, in-depth story here.)

The other examples of Kelsey’s Steakhouse’s love and care for the community are innumerable. Donations to local parks, fundraisers for community members, and so much more show that Kelsey’s Steakhouse is here to feed more than just your appetite.

Show your love back and stop in for a delicious steak meal at Kelsey’s Steakhouse. You can find out more about the restaurant here: