Kenneth J. Allen Law Group Ensuring Safe Before and After School Child Care through Boy’s & Girls Clubs of Porter County

rot2Northwest Indiana Injury Attorney Kenneth J. Allen donated $10,000 to the Porter County Boys & Girls Club Kidstop program, providing safe and affordable after school childcare for area families.

The goal of Kidstop is to allow parents to work, or attend school to further their education and is being offered in nine schools in three school systems throughout Porter County.

Kidstop engages youths in fun activities while supporting personal development focusing on academic success, good character and citizenship, and living healthy lifestyles. This is accomplished through targeted Club activities and caring, capable staff who forge relationships with young people and influence their ability to succeed in life.

Providing financial stability for a family often involves finding affordable childcare. And, finding affordable childcare is often an insurmountable challenge for many families in Porter County, forcing many parents to choose between paying for childcare and leaving their child home alone after school.

Studies have shown that the time of day children are most at risk is immediately after school, when they often are left unsupervised.

“This has been the first year sending our kids to a public school. I have been in school myself pursuing a law degree. The transition to a public school, along with the need for additional childcare has been a struggle for me and my wife; a struggle made easier because of the wonderful care our daughters have been receiving at Kidstop,” said one of the parents.

Kidstop offers financial fee assistance to help ensure every child has a safe place to be when not in school. This fee assistance is provided, in part, through generous investors who believe that all youth need a safe place to learn and grow when not in school or at home.

“Our Kidstop program is successful because of our professional and caring staff and because we have great partners, like Mr. Allen, who really care about our youth. Through his gift, many parents can feel really good about their children being in a safe and fun environment during before and after-school hours,” said Ryan Smiley, president of Boys & Girls Clubs of Porter County.

“Safe, healthy and happy kids are the key to community safety and prosperity,” said Mr. Allen, “and by allowing kids to play in a safe and healthy environment gives working families the peace of mind they need to succeed.”