Kids and adults team up to take on the 14-hole scramble at the 21st Creekside Classic

Kids and adults team up to take on the 14-hole scramble at the 21st Creekside Classic

Valpo Parks Foundation hosted the 21st Creekside Classic at Creekside Golf Course in Valparaiso. Valpo Parks Executive Director John Seibert said the event reached full capacity with many kids and adults golfing alongside each other. 

Valpo Parks Creekside Classic 2022

Valpo Parks Creekside Classic 2022 38 Photos
Valpo Parks Creekside Classic 2022Valpo Parks Creekside Classic 2022Valpo Parks Creekside Classic 2022Valpo Parks Creekside Classic 2022

Golfing foursomes were each comprised of two adults and two children who competed together in the 14-hole scramble. With 22 foundation partners this year, each partner supplied two adults to join two kids from the First Tee program to create a foursome. 

In addition to the 14-hole scramble, the kids individually competed in the five skills contest, which included a long drive contest, a putting contest, a chipping contest, a pitching contest, and a sand bucket contest.

“We have our first, second, and third place for our 14-hole scramble as a team–those are team trophies. We also have a five skills contest, and the skills are for different age groups,” Nancy Bender, a teaching professional at Creekside Golf Course and Training Center. “We have eight and under compete against their age group for five different golf skills. Then we have a group of nine and 10-year-olds and a group of 11 and 12-year-olds.”

Aside from the foundation partners, other companies could get involved through sponsorships. With a total of 44 hole sponsors, Lisa Kusbel, Valpo Parks Director of Development, said that this year brought the most hole sponsors they have ever had for the Creekside Classic.

“We have event sponsors as well, which are a great part of this event. Most of them have been part of it for years, so we're very thankful to have them continuing year after year. That speaks volumes with us,” Kusbel said. 

Kusbel noted that the main quality that attracts so many golfers to this event is the fact that adults pair with juniors for an event that everyone can enjoy.

“I think golf provides that opportunity for males, females, and all different age groups to play together,” Seibert said. “We not only want to promote that through financing it, but we want to actually show it by having an event that showcases that opportunity as well. We are grateful for the kind of participation this community displays through volunteerism, philanthropy, and support.”

“This event is about having fun and meeting some people and just enjoying the day,” President of the Valpo Parks Foundation Jim Cunningham said. “It's a great fundraiser for the foundation, and we've been doing it for years. Frank and Jerry have been great at pushing this thing along with Lisa, who drives a lot of it. The whole crew worked their tails off. It’s a fun event that does a good job of raising money.”

Valpo Parks and Creekside Golf Course staff and volunteers are looking forward to the 22nd Creekside Classic so that even more kids have an outlet to discover a love of golf.

“This Training Center was built with families in mind and so the culture here is about youth orientation and giving the kids a place that they can play golf and feel like it's their home,” Bender said.

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