Kids find forever homes at Porter County 2nd annual adoption day

Kids find forever homes at Porter County 2nd annual adoption day
By: Andrew Redick Last Updated: November 20, 2019

Does happily ever after really exist just like in fairy tales? It may come off as a cliché, but the kids who were a part of the 2nd annual National Adoption Day in Porter County found their forever homes and experienced just that.

The National Adoption Day event was planned and coordinated locally by the Juvenile Court and DCS (Department of Child Services), with CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) collaborating.

It was a special day for everyone as friends and family gathered at the Porter County Juvenile Court to present their cases to the judge in anticipation of joining their new families. The kids even made it official themselves, having the opportunity to file stamp their own Adoption Court Order and bang the gavel, pronouncing their new name.

On top of all of the excitement, The foster children were presented with gifts and a celebration that included colorful food, drinks, and music. The excitement was in keeping with the theme of the famous Dr. Seuss Book, Oh The Places You'll Go.

Emotions were running high all day for everyone including family members, CASA and DCS staff, and officials presiding over the hearings including Indiana Circuit Court Magistrate, Gwen Rinkenberger.

Adoption Day 2019

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Adoption Day 2019Adoption Day 2019Adoption Day 2019Adoption Day 2019

“It feels great to be a part of a special day like this; It's the happiest day in court,” Rinkenberger said. “It is a real tearjerker if you let it be. Everyone involved goes through so much to get to this moment. I can’t cry of course, but it's always really hard not to.”

A lot of hard work from all sides went into this event, especially from the Department of Child Services, CASA, and the state of Indiana. All who helped plan for this special day know that they could not have done it without everyone’s involvement.

“Our goal is to unify a child with their ‘forever family’, so our hearts are full on a day like today.  To see that the kids will be in loving homes is such an overwhelming feeling in the best way,” said Sarah Fink, CASA program director.

One thing the Court, DCS, and CASA wants to accomplish when getting those kids to their forever home is to make sure they have fun on their Adoption Day.

“This is a day to enjoy and be proud of all the work that went into it,” said Robin Biggs, CASA staff advocate. “This day is about being happy for the kids and helping them celebrate with their new families; It's so exciting. I am very happy we started doing this.”

With all of the happiness in the room as proof, the 2nd annual Porter County Adoption Day has given a great boost to the community. This day truly makes happily ever after feel real, and it’s exciting to see all the wonderful places they will be able to go.

For more information on the Porter County CASA Program, visit their website.