Kotys Wealth Professionals: A Look Into What Makes Kotys Wealth Special

Kotys Wealth Professionals: A Look Into What Makes Kotys Wealth Special

Whether it’s a time of celebration, as in a marriage and the birth of a child, or a time of mourning, there will always be financial questions and important decisions that need to be made, and that takes much consideration. While your finances might be the last thing you want to worry about, having someone in your corner to help pick up the pieces and put the puzzle back together can be significant.

For Kotys Wealth Professionals, and founders, Wes and Sarah Kotys, their desire to build deeper relationships with their clients has allowed them to certainly grow, but more than that, it’s allowed them to help, in a truly meaningful way, their clients during times when they’re most vulnerable or unprepared for what comes next. This founding desire is just one factor that sets Kotys Wealth apart.

Sarah Kotys reflected, “We’ve all been through some deep experiences, our whole team, and through that it lends to a certain depth and care for our clients. We’ve become stronger as a team through that and it makes us more compassionate, and more caring.”

Before founding the company, Wes Kotys had been working with a large firm handling a great number of clients and, because of this, he realized that he wasn’t building meaningful relationships which would put him in a better position to help families achieve their goals.

“I didn’t want to get into this spiral of working with thousands of people that we don’t really know how to help them because we don’t know what their goals are,” said Wes. “The way that it’s molded the business is that, in our first meeting with a potential client, it’s an interview both ways. We’re trying to determine, ‘Are we a good fit for you, and are you a good fit for us?’”

“If, yes, that’s the case then we’re going to have a great, long lasting relationship, and if someone is looking for something that we don’t provide we’ll help to point them in the right direction,” he added.

Themselves being entrepreneurs starting and running their own successful company, the Kotys’ have a great deal of knowledge about what it takes to grow financially, both personally and professionally. Since starting the company, building solid relationships is just the first step along the path for Kotys Wealth and their clients.

“From day one, it’s a tall order and we had to find a way to differentiate ourselves from the bigger firms,” Wes described. “We strive for that personal touch along with a very disciplined investment process.”

“We’re very process-driven in the way we relate to clients and in our service model. If we weren’t then we wouldn’t be different. Difficult periods prove that larger institutions aren’t fail-proof. We’ve made a drastic shift into what they call a fee-only registered investment advisory firm. We’re a fiduciary 100% of the time, and we’ll never take commissions.”

“There’s more discussion about levels of transparency and people now look closer at what each model and process means,” Wes added. “They want to know that you’re looking out for their best interests and so we try to help our clients, or potential clients, understand the difference between terms like fiduciary, fee-based, or fee-only.”

Sarah Kotys, speaking on this topic, said, “Every move that we’ve made has been in the interest of creating a pure, conflict-free client experience. We’re building our business and we’re more focused on the longevity of it more than anything else.”

For Wes, Sarah, and the team at Kotys Wealth Professionals, their love their community and the industry come together to inform their methods and outlook.

“I love the business, I enjoy the industry, and we’ve built processes from an investment management standpoint that others don’t have,” Wes said. “Wealth allows people to meet their goals and that’s what we want to do. We want to be behind the scenes helping families to achieve their dreams.”

“I love to see people go big and meet their goals, and that’s what we want to do as business owners,” he added. ”We’re a team here, we’re close, and we really care about our clients and the community.”

Sarah reflected on working to have an impact on the community that they serve in saying, “Related to what I do, in handling the background of the business, my favorite part is finding where we can be generous. We’ve always placed a really high value on giving back to organizations and we have a lot of great ones in this community.”

Along with working in the best interest of their clients to make their dreams reality, Kotys Wealth Professionals are proud members of the community who place a high value giving back. As Kotys Wealth recently celebrated their 10th Anniversary, these values have made them into the company they are today, and it will carry them and their clients into the future.

To find out more about Kotys Wealth Professionals, visit: https://kotyswealthpro.com/