Kouts High School Welcomes Toby the Therapy Dog

By: Contributor Last Updated: January 30, 2019

Kouts-High-School-Welcomes-Toby-the-Therapy-DogKouts High School welcomed a friendly, furry visitor to the school. Toby the therapy dog accompanied Giant Paw Print Rescue in explaining the difference between service dogs and therapy dogs to 60 students in the Freshman class.

Toby, works with Giant Paw Prints Rescue in Westville, IN. He is a 7-year-old Labrador/chow mix, who goes into the Valparaiso community. He often visits special education classes and nursing homes in the area.

Carla, Toby’s handler, explained to the students, “Toby is not a service dog. A service dog is trained to provide specific support for individuals with disabilities such as visual or hearing difficulties, seizure disorders, mobility challenges, and/or diabetes.

The role of therapy dogs is to react and respond to people and their environment, under the guidance and direction of their owner. For example, an individual might be encouraged to gently pat or talk to a dog to teach sensitive touch and help them be calm.”

Cathy Nolan is the President of Giant Paw Prints Rescue. She rescues and rehomes between 100-115 dogs a year since she opened Giant Paw Prints Rescue, Inc. in 2012. Cathy started Giant Paw Prints, Inc. because the giant breeds are often overlooked in the shelters because they cost more for food and healthcare.

Giant Paw Prints Rescue, Inc., is a volunteer-based 501(C)3 Non-Profit Charitable Organization. The mission is to rescue and rehome dogs that are in shelters or unwanted.

Cathy was proud to announce, “We are very thankful to the Kouts High School Freshman class. They had a class project and picked Giant Paw Prints Rescue, Inc. Their project was to research a charity and raise money. They generously donated enough money to purchase 4 bags of dog food for the facility. We are very proud of these students!”

For more information on Giant Paw Prints Rescue and our adoptable dogs, go to http://www.giantpawprints.com/ or find us on Facebook at Giant Paw Prints.