Kristiana Hamilton Putting Her Passion for Sales to Work at Realty Executives Premier

Kristiana Hamilton Putting Her Passion for Sales to Work at Realty Executives Premier
By: Andrew Rowe Last Updated: September 12, 2017

After spending years working in similar industries and positions, Kristiana Hamilton decided to become a real estate broker in order to take her career to greater heights. Now, while celebrating three years with Realty Executives Premier this summer, she’s doing exactly that.

Originally from Illinois, Hamilton started as an entrepreneur in the region around a dozen years ago after opening a kids’ boutique called ‘Tahlulabel’. She then transitioned into a role as a home furnishing consultant with a furniture retailer in Merrillville where she spent four years. For much of her recent past, Hamilton had been working in sales, and it was something about which she became passionate.

“This was my life, and this is who I am. I sell myself no matter what direction I go,” described Hamilton. “When I was selling furniture, I knew there were limitations, and it was not where I ultimately wanted to be.”

“While I was working there (in home furnishings), I decided that I wanted more,” Hamilton added. “It just wasn’t enough, and I decided to utilize my past experience in interior design and my work as a procurement manager towards something greater. Those combined experiences, with my knowledge of negotiating contracts and sales, led me to real estate.”

Hamilton then enrolled in schooling and completed her real estate classes and licensing examination. After meeting and interviewing with several brokerages, she decided to join Realty Executives Premier in Valparaiso.

“I landed here at Realty Executives for so many reasons,” Hamilton said. “The environment and the atmosphere was very warm, friendly and encouraging. Also, when I lined them all up I realized that Realty Executives wasn’t the largest brokerage, but I thought that I would have a better chance of becoming the person that I wanted to be.”

The team atmosphere and the guidance that Realty Executives Premier offers were endearing attributes in Hamilton’s mind and, for someone who’s new to the industry, having seasoned professionals there to learn from was another winning factor that influenced her decision to join the team.

“Everyone here was so hands-on with the tutelage and mentorship that I received here,” she said. “Everyone was so willing to teach me and give me their knowledge, the tools and their experiences.”

“For me, having the company here to open doors and help in meeting people, listing houses and selling houses is important, but it’s also important to be a part of a team. It’s important to be here in the office as well. Even just being present allows me to take advantage of the great wealth of knowledge that we have here. My colleagues will come in and reflect on a deal that they had or a situation that might have been challenging. Had I not been here, and if I happen to come across that same situation, I would be in the dark.”

The outreach, trust and availability of Realty Executives Premier owners, Mike and Pam Tezak, as well as the core team of seasoned brokers, has come as a great benefit and a bit of a surprise to Hamilton.

“When you’re here, not only are they open to taking the time to discuss, explain and teach, but Mike (Tezak) once told me that, ‘We’re a family here, and if you’re in trouble or you need me, we’re going to be here for you,’” Hamilton reflected. “Loyalty is huge, and when a person trusts you, and they know you’re loyal to them, you’re a part of the family.”

“One of the things that has been valuable has been the trust that’s at the core of this office. You don’t find that everywhere, and people can be catty and competitive. Competition is good, and it will take something inside of you and motivate you to get to the next level. Here, the competition is healthy because I see these people that are my colleagues and my peers, and if I need them or if I have a question they’re there for me. It’s open, and it’s giving. Mike and Pam want everyone to succeed, and you don’t find that everywhere.”

Hamilton spoke about some of the things she loves about working in real estate in saying, “Sometimes you’re so passionate about something that you can’t see the forest for the trees, and I’m grateful that I’m comfortable but not complacent. I’m excited to be able to take this direction further towards new paths. There’s so much more out there, you just have to be open to it.”

She described her favorite part of the job as, “Being able to give someone a set of keys when all of the trials and tribulations are over, and you say, ‘Thank you for letting me go through this process with you.’”

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