Kristy Dayton Sets the Bar High at Industrial Revolution

By: Caitlin Vanlaningham Last Updated: June 1, 2015

Kristie-IRThere are so many great people who proudly call Industrial Revolution Eatery and Grille their second home, employees and customers alike. We’ve had the privilege of shining the spotlight on some of them and this is our newest feature on Kristy Dayton.

Dayton has worked at Industrial Revolution as the Bar Manager for the last three years. She came here because she was in the market for a new job and she came to Industrial Revolution on a suggestion from a friend.

“I do all the inventory for the bar,” Dayton said. “I order all of the liquor and beer that we serve, as well as other tasks.”

She finds the work very rewarding whether it’s talking with the different customers who come in with family or to watch a game on the many televisions in the restaurant, helping her co-workers fill orders, listening to patrons tell amusing anecdotes, or working alongside owners Mike and Jennifer Leeson to get stuff done.

“It’s nice working for people who make you feel appreciated,” Dayton said. “Jennifer and Mike make you feel very good about the work that you do.”

Dayton began working in the restaurant industry when she was 14 as a car hop and has stuck with it ever since. She just liked the fun and unique atmosphere that comes with the restaurant industry. “I love dealing with the patrons here,” Dayton said. “They are all very laid back. And the staff is like my second family.”

This is a sentiment that we have heard from more than one person who works at Industrial Revolution. Dayton explained that the staff is close at Industrial Revolution. They are there for each other, an “instant family” as she called them.

In her free time Dayton loves to spend time with her three daughters. They will go to the park or hit the beach when the weather is warm, and Dayton loves to decorate and paint when she gets “me” time.

So next time you go to Industrial Revolution sit at the bar (if you’re of appropriate age) and have a chat with Kristy. You will get to see why she fits in so well to the Industrial Revolution family.