Lakes of Valparaiso Welcomes Residents to a Nacho Bar Dinner, Fostering Community and Connections

Lakes of Valparaiso Welcomes Residents to a Nacho Bar Dinner, Fostering Community and Connections

At many stages in life, everybody is looking to find the perfect home, community, and lifestyle. Some people enjoy amenities such as a pool, gaming center, or basketball/sand volleyball courts, and others may simply enjoy the peacefulness and calmness of the surrounding area. Everybody is different and has their own preferences, but at The Lakes Of Valparaiso Apartments, anybody is guaranteed to find the perfect home that compliments their variety of lifestyle interests.

On Monday, the Lakes of Valparaiso hosted a nacho bar dinner for the residents of the community to meet and greet the new property manager, Kelly Reed-Stubblefield. The event was sponsored by Sam Allie, a local StateFarm Insurance Agent in Valparaiso, and was held in the Lakes of Valparaiso’s Clubhouse. Residents of the community were able to meet Reed-Stubblefield, other residents, enjoy a nacho dinner, play pool, and watch the Monday Night Football game.

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“It’s important for the residents to meet and get to know the staff here,” said Assistant Community Manager Carrie Rowell. “It’s also great for the residents to get together and mingle in order to create more of a community feeling within our area.”

Kelly Reed-Stubblefield has over 25 years of experience in the apartment industry and is coming from six years of commercial experience. Some of her many important roles in the industry is following up with residents, making sure everybody is happily taken care of, and making sure the property looks great.

“It’s awesome to be able to meet the residents at the nacho bar today,” said Reed-Stubblefield. “I’m really excited to be here and I think it’s amazing that we hold a lot of resident activities in order for us to come together as a community.”

The Clubhouse is an open, welcoming area for residents to play pool, watch television, use computers, or play video games. Outside of the clubhouse is a large furnished patio which also includes a pool. The staff tries to hold events like the nacho bar at least four times a month in order to create a sense of community throughout the Lakes of Valparaiso’s residents.

Those who attended the nacho bar were able to hang out around the Clubhouse and formally meet their neighbors. One resident, Bonnie Artley, has been a resident of the Lakes of Valparaiso since July of 2018 and the nacho bar was a great opportunity for her to meet Reed-Stubblefield, other residents, and get a feel for the community as a whole.

“This is my first event that I’ve been to, and I’m looking forward to attending more events in the future in order to meet more residents,” said Artley. “I love the life here. I love the pool, workout room, and the fact there’s no maintenance [I have to do]!”

The nacho bar at the Lakes of Valparaiso is one example of the many events that the staff tries to host for the residents. A sense of community, an important factor when looking for a place to begin or continue a life, has been branded into the name. To learn more about the Lakes of Valparaiso Apartments, please visit