Lakeshore Paws 1st Annual “Run for Paws” 5K and 2k Dog Walk Has an Amazing Turnout

By: Barbara Jo Adkins Last Updated: August 15, 2011

Lakeshore Paws "Run for Paws" First Annual 5K Run and 2K Dog Walk was a success.  On August 14, 2011, runners, dog walkers and spectators came out to Sunset Hill Farm to show their support for this newly founded organization.  Lakeshore Paws was co-founded by Jeanne Sommer and Kim Langer

Sommer, of the Jeanne Sommer Team, Centry 21 Alliance Group, said that as a realtor, "I saw so many foreclosures, and people in that situation don't want to give up their pets, but have to. It's just sad, so I wanted to do something."

"We started April 1, since then, we've helped to spay and neuter over 80 cats and 100 dogs. That means that all those cats and dogs were adopted and have homes.  We have also assisted in 80-90 other dogs being adopted with other groups."

Sommer stated that, "80% of animal overpopulation comes from 3% of human population, that's why I've written to our Senator." Sommer would like everyone to write to their senators and representatives to help implement a program called the Indiana Companion Animal Spay and Neuter Fund. New Hampshire, Maine and Delaware have already implemented similar programs, and as such, these states have saved money on things like animal control captures, impounds and euthanasia.  You can write to your senator at:

200 West Washington Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

Co-founder Kim Langer got involved because she said she has donated lots of her time with homeless animals including the Porter County Animal Shelter. Her children would have brownie and lemonade stands, and donate the money they raised to the shelter.  Langer said, "The shelter is full and crowded and having to turn people away because they are running out of space." Along with Sommer, Langer did research continuously on how to help and said "it was meant to be."

Commenting on the "Run for Paws" event, Langer said, "This is our first event. We've made notes on how to do it better next year, but most of all we are amazed by the turnout."

Vale Park Animal Hospital came out to encourage adoption.  Veterinarian Dr. Jerry Rodenbarger, with Vale Park for 21 years, is proud of the newly founded organization saying, "They average one adoption a day. They are doing a really good job and we are happy to be partnering with them." Dog owners were given frisbees, collars, and more from Vale Park Animal Hospital.

T & H Timing also got involved with Heather Henderlong, helping with the timers for all the runners.  Henderlong said "A lot of people I know run or walk with their dogs and we like to promote running. I also have a shelter dog, Brody, so this is also a great way to promote adopting a shelter dog.  We like to offer non-profit organizations such as Lakeshore Paws affordable timing so charities can raise money."

Martin Binder provided the awards for the runners.  Each winner received an engraved "Dog Tag".

If you would like to donate to Lakeshore Paws there is a Donation Drive scheduled called "United Way Day of Caring". It is set up for August 16-26, 2011.  Lakeshore Paws is looking for items such as; dog and cat food, cat litter, dog and cat toys, collars, leashes and more including any cash donations you would like to make.  To find out drop off locations, or how to donate you can contact Lakeshore Paws by calling (219) 476-PAWS or visit

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