Lakeshore PAWS’ juniorPAWS Program Helping Homeless Pets In A Big Way

Lakeshore PAWS’ juniorPAWS Program Helping Homeless Pets In A Big Way

Lakeshore PAWS, as non-profit organization, is dedicated to finding loving homes for abandoned and unwanted pets in Northwest Indiana and, since they began that mission, they’ve helped find foster and forever homes for thousands of animals because they believe they deserve it.

One of the major ways that Lakeshore PAWS engages the community and promotes their mission is through the juniorPAWS Program which gives children and young people with big hearts the opportunity to help dogs in need.

The special juniorPAWS Program allows individual and groups of children and teenagers to engage with Lakeshore PAWS and the community to help further the tremendous work that the Northwest Indiana-based organization carries out, but that’s not all!

juniorPAWS is a great way for kids to learn about animals, what it takes to care for a pet, and also how important it is to give back in their local and regional communities, all while spending time with animals who deserve the love and care that a forever home provides. Seeing the profound impact that volunteering through the juniorPAWS program can have is a great way to instill the community-minded values of caring and altruism, which can last a lifetime.

In joining the juniorPAWS volunteer club, children, ages 8-16 & 5-7 (with an older sibling) who show a love for animals and want to learn more about dogs, have the chance to meet once every month at the Lakeshore PAWS Rescue Center, learn about training and caring for dogs appropriately, take part in ‘hands-on’ care for homeless dogs, and enjoy a fun, safe interaction with dogs that have been rescued and are in need of some love.

For those juniorPAWS volunteers under 18 who want to support Lakeshore PAWS and their homeless dogs, there are lots of opportunities to get involved with the organization within their own community or school

Here are some of the ways that juniorPAWS volunteers can get involved in furthering Lakeshore PAWS’ mission to help find homes for the dogs they work hard to rescue.

  • Organizing donation drives that include collecting towels, fleece blankets, dog toys, or other items from the wish list on their website.
  • Share your birthday with Lakeshore PAWS where you ask guests to donate items to Lakeshore PAWS homeless dogs in lieu of gifts.
  • Organize a fundraising event. For example: car wash, dog wash, bake sale, lemonade stand, or a yard sale.
  • Act as an ambassador for Lakeshore PAWS by distributing flyers at school or within your community.
  • Help at Lakeshore PAWS adoption and fundraising events.

For children and young people who are dog lovers that wants to get involved in the amazing, impactful work that Lakeshore PAWS does to find forever homes for homeless pets, visit: to find out how you can help their mission!