Lakeshore PAWS Weekly Pup-date, March 11, 2015

Thank you so much to the fosters! If you are not currently fostering but have considered it please let us know. With your help we will be able to save even more dogs! Currently, we only have thirteen fosters with dogs. This is an unusually low number for this time of year. Fosters play a very important role in our foundation. The time, love, and work that each and every foster puts in shows, and it truly helps them find the perfect home. We can't thank you enough for working with your foster pup and teaching them the basics of behaving. If you are interested in bringing your foster to any of the upcoming events please let us know. Bringing your foster to the events allow the public to meet with them without arranging a meet and greet.

If you are currently fostering please send us updated photos, or better yet, a story of your foster. People love reading them, and they really make a difference in how quickly each dog gets adopted.

Upcoming Events
We have created an online event calendar that will hopefully be included in next weeks pup-date. In order to view it you will need to have a Google account. This calendar will allow you to view all upcoming events at your convenience.

Sat March 21st-10-1pm Pet Supplies Plus
6030 Central Ave Portage

Sat April 11th- Lakeshore Birthday Party
Details to Come

Sat June 20th-6-10pm Pup Crawl
Central Park Plaza Valparaiso
Food, Drinks, Music, & Dog Walk

Treats for Sale
We are still offering an opportunity to pick up a bag of healthy treats for a donation of just $1 at our adoption center. All proceeds go to Lakeshore PAWS.

We are so excited that the warmer weather has finally started to arrive ! With nicer weather comes more dogs as well as more adoption events. We truly are thankful to everyone who is able to take a little time out of your busy schedules for the dogs! It helps to make the dogs at the adoption center feel loved and get some exercise!

Our new computer system is up and running! If you have not done so, we need you to please create an account on the new computer. If your user info is not registered yet, or you are unable to log in, please see somebody in the office. If its after office hours please email Morgan at

If you download the application it will allow you to log in from your cell phone.

To register yourself on the new system-
To self register enter the self registration code-1234 and hit the blue arrow
This will take you to a screen where you enter a personal username and password that you create
Once you fill in all of the blank spaces, you will hit submit.While completing, please make sure that you check the correct time zone-Central-(This is VERY Important!)
The office will get an email notifying us of your registration (which we will confirm)
After we confirm your information you will be able to log in yourself from that point on.
We will then transfer all of the previous hours of volunteering to the new system, both from paper log and the other electronic log.
When we have finally transferred all hours we can then check hours and schedule a behavior class that you will need to complete in order to be moved to a level 2 volunteer with the yellow name tag.

A fundraiser committee has been formed and our next meeting is March 31st at 4pm. If you are interested in joining us please

Please let somebody in the office know if you have not been added to our Facebook volunteer page. If you need added you can also email us

Foster to Adopts:
Adley, Richie, Tiana, Dalia, Snowball, & Pugsy (his foster)

Found Forever Homes:
Adults: Jazell, Midnight, Duncan, Gideon, SuzyQ, Zax, & Jepeto Puppies: Batman, Kirk, & Cher

Dogs at the Adoption Center:
Tinley, Queenie, Wrigley, Maxx, Homer, Nyx, Enzo, Akila, Mia, Richie, Damon, Wolfgang, Shaylie, Nelson, Ellie Mae, Tripp, Elena, & her 4 puppies

New Residents:
This week we helped save dogs from Porter County. We took in Hera, Wolfgang, Shaylie, Ellie Mae, Tripp, & a 3-legged dog named Nelson.