Lakeside Wealth Management Stays Ahead with Continuing Education

Lakeside Wealth Management Stays Ahead with Continuing Education

Staying ahead of the curve is important in the ever-changing financial world. The advisors at Lakeside Wealth Management not only know this but take it to heart. They spend hours each year receiving additional training and instruction to be sure they’re educated, prepared, and ready to take on the challenges of the markets, the changing industry, and their changing clients.

Advisors at Lakeside Wealth Management hold over 30 designations, including two Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) and one Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA.) Because of this, continuing education isn’t just helpful—it’s a necessity. To maintain these designations and better serve their clients, each advisor undertakes hours of specialized training, attend several industry conferences, and take continuing education classes online each year. Designations such as the CFP or Certified Wealth Strategist (CWS) each require over 30 hours of continuing education every two years, but that doesn’t mean advisors stop there.

“I would say we easily do 40 to 50 hours a year of pure training, and then we do other unrequired training just to stay on top of it all,” said Aaron Adcock, Director of the Wealth Management Division.

Both Adcock and Co-director of Wealth Management Division, Kelly Shikany, understand the need to not only seek out additional information and ways to engage clients. 

"We want our clients to feel at home when they walk into our space," said Shikany. "It's important our clients know we are up-to-date inside the ever-changing markets." Adcock agrees, adding, "It's about staying current and not getting left behind."

“I think it’s important that we don’t stop learning,” Shikany added. “It was a long time ago that I was out of college so it’s important to stay current about what’s going on in the world. We also learn about generational things. Different generations do things differently—we must learn to interact. Our classes teach us about that, how they invest, and how they interact.”

Part of learning to interact includes bringing newer technology and methods of meeting into the fold, and Lakeside’s advisors haven’t fallen behind in that regard, either.

“I’ve seen a change in technology; clients are more open to things like having a Skype or a Facetime meeting, for example, instead of having to come to the office,” Adcock said. “Technology and software have advanced to real-time tracking of investments—we can see in real time what their situation is.”

“People want to be able to do things on their phone and see things conveniently,” Shikany said. “We allow that to happen, and as long as we can do it in a compliant nature, we want to do that.”

The team finds that the most helpful parts of the education involve sharing what they learn when they return to the office.

“If we’re going to go out of the office and spend time away from the building, they really like us to come back and have meetings where we do what we call a ‘Download.’ We bring back our best ideas,” Shikany said. “Coming back and sharing that information with our team, that’s a real benefit.”

Through a collaborative, team-based approach, Lakeside Wealth Management is bringing a heap of resources to their clients. Through designations, additional training, and more, they continue to provide excellent, well-informed advice to their clients.

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