Lakeside Wealth Takes Clients on a Trip Around the World

Lakeside Wealth Takes Clients on a Trip Around the World

There were clear skies and no turbulence on Thursday, June 20 when Lakeside Wealth Management treated clients to a trip around the world, inside their Lakeside Café!

The adventure started when “passengers” were greeted at the door by the flight attendant for “Lakeside Airlines.” After checking in for their flight, passengers were given a passport and itinerary showing them where they would be traveling for the next two hours.  

The captain of the flight, Lakeside president, Tim Rice, kicked off the adventure by welcoming passengers aboard and detailing the adventure. “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain, Tim Rice speaking,” he started. “Thank you traveling with us this evening. Tonight, we’ll be jet-setting to eight destinations around the world, sampling food and drink from each country as we travel. We hope your passports are up to date and you’re ready to fly!”

Lakeside clients traveled to Cuba, Germany, Greece, India, Jamaica, Spain, Poland and then back to the United States for dessert! “Our ‘Foods from Around the World’ event was a huge hit with clients,” explains Jenn Brown, Corporate Communications Manager for Lakeside. “Ivy’s Bohemian House catered everything. Our guests were able to sample food and drinks that are native to each country.”

Food for the night included Cubano Sandwiches, Jerk Chicken Drumsticks, Spanikopita, Perogies, Sausage and Sauerkraut, Veggie Pakora, Manchango Cheese, Chorizo and Stuffed Olives. “Ivy’s did an incredible job matching the foods with the countries,” said Brown. “We gave Amy from Ivy’s complete freedom to pick the countries and food/drink combinations. She knocked it out of the park.”

What made the night even better? The Lakeside Team dressed up to represent the countries they were assigned. The passengers truly got to experience each country without TSA lines, airport delays or custom’s hassles. “We had several clients ask which countries they would be traveling to next year,” ends Brown. “I called Ivy’s the following day and told Amy, ‘We need to start brainstorming for 2020!’”

The Lakeside Team would like to thank all their passengers for traveling with them! We can’t wait to jet-set again with you next year! For more information visit or call 219.926.1182.

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