Latitude Commercial hosts open house for new Crown Point office

Latitude Commercial hosts open house for new Crown Point office

On Thursday, Latitude Commercial hosted an open house to officially welcome their clients and other community members into the Crown Point office they moved into last May. Featuring plenty of space and an abundance of amenities and luxuries, the new location offers room for growth and a great environment for the team.

The team at Latitude has grown rapidly over the last few years—particularly with the addition of a full-service property management team. Their old headquarters was quickly growing cramped, and Co-Founder and Senior Vice President Brett McDermott knew that their growing pains needed to be addressed.

“It was a lot more urgent than we originally thought,” he said. “We’d been leasing our old space for 10 years when we saw this office and an opportunity to purchase something we could grow into and fill up over a couple of years.”

Their previous location only had handful of individual offices, and they were simply running out of space to put new hires.

Latitude Commercial Open House 2021

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Latitude Commercial Open House 2021Latitude Commercial Open House 2021Latitude Commercial Open House 2021Latitude Commercial Open House 2021

“I think the guys who were in cubicles back then would agree that this new space was greatly needed,” said Aaron McDermott, Co-Founder and President of Latitude Commercial. “This additional space has enabled to grow and hire additional people, it’s hard to bring new people on when you just don’t know where to house them.”

The new space features offices for each team member, including an area for the growing property management division. Brett McDermott noted that with their recent success, it might not be long until they are looking for more room to expand.

“We’ve filled up all the offices, so we’re growing quick,” he said. “I think we’d thought it’d take a couple of years to fill up, we might need more space in a year or two at this rate.”

Located right on the Crown Point Square, across from popular restaurants such as Square Roots and True BBQ, the office is not only helping the team grow in number, but also improving everyone’s day-to-day morale. There are also activities and amenities to help the team relax, such as a full kitchen, dining area, pool table, arcade cabinet, and dart board.

“I love it, it’s close to home for me, and I love the option of just walking outside for lunches or dinners with clients,” said Myles Rapchak, Principal and Vice President at Latitude Commercial. “The office makes it so that it’s not always ‘work, work, work.’ We can see the fun side of the team, play some pool, have a beer after work, just interact, and talk about real life stuff outside of work. It helps us bond closer and laugh sometimes.”

Over 70 people RSVP’d to attend the open house and welcome Latitude to Crown Point.

 “We’d been reexamining having an open house probably every three months,” McDermott said. “It’s exciting to finally have people come out and take a look at the space.”

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