Lauren Singleton Found Her Knack at General Insurance Services

By: Jessica Campbell Last Updated: April 3, 2017

Lauren-Singleton-01It only took the management staff at General Insurance Services six months to realize the part-time college student working in their office was someone they needed to hold onto. Lauren Singleton started out without an official title, just working and helping out at the office while studying biology at Purdue Northwest. Now, she’s sitting in her own office in the Valparaiso branch.

“I graduated in 2012 and they hired me full time right after,” she said.

Lauren was raised in La Porte and continues to live in the Maple City with her husband and their two dogs in a house near both of their families. They are expecting their first child this summer.

In her first few years at GIS, she worked as a Customer Service Representative, assisting clients and helping the agents in the Michigan City office. Two years ago, she moved to the Valparaiso office where she works as a Personal Lines Agent.

At the office, Lauren works with her clients to find the right insurance plan that fits their unique needs. She focuses on homeowners insurance and auto insurance for any type of vehicle, including motorcycles and boats.

Though insurance tends to be something most people don’t normally like to deal with, Lauren enjoys coming into work every day. “Insurance is one of those things everyone needs and everyone has to have,” she said. “I like to help people feel secure and protected if the unexpected happens.”

At GIS, Lauren is one of many employees who enjoys working with people and treating them based on the agency’s core values. “GIS is just a great company. They have really good values and they want us to do everything based on honesty and integrity,” she explained. “You don’t find that too often anymore, so it’s refreshing.”

Lauren-Singleton-02Lauren is working on gaining presence in Porter County and getting to know more people in the community. “I am on the Rotary Club here in Valpo, and I also serve as an ambassador for the Valpo Chamber,” she said. “I enjoy participating in chamber events and meeting different people within the community.”

One of her favorite events to go to is “Envision the Future,” a reality store for the local 8th grade students where she gets to teach them about insurance. “I really enjoy going to the reality stores,” she said. “It is great to be able to work with the kids. They’re not really into the insurance part, of course, but it’s fun…well, fun for me anyway!”

Singleton’s days at the office are never the same and are never boring. After work lately, she admits to enjoying some down time during her pregnancy. She spends time with her husband, enjoys reading, walking their dogs Boswell and Peyton, and going to the movies. After the baby comes, she will return to participating more in the La Porte County YMCA workout programs and classes, which is a daily past-time.

She enjoys living in La Porte County, where she has that small town feel and her family close by to visit. Yet, she also enjoys living in Northwest Indiana for the chance to get the big city feel when driving to Chicago or even to Valpo for a nice dinner.

Insurance may not be the most exciting topic, but for Lauren, it’s her knack, one she found early on in life. To learn more about General Insurance Services click here.