Le Roc Made the Lady Lifers Look Lovely

Le-Roc-GLA makeupSo not only did the Lady Lifers get to wear beautiful dresses from Catherine's Bridal Boutique to the 4th annual Good Life Awards, we also got some extra special girl time at Le Roc Salon and Body Bar in Valparaiso.

Le Roc was one of the many sponsors of the Good Life Awards, and the talents ladies there worked their magic to make us look like a million buck each.

"We work in an industry where we make people look good, but more importantly feel good," Melissa Marshall, makeup artist and wedding and event coordinator at Le Roc said. "It's our passion. And we love working with people who celebrate good things and good people. It only made sense to sponsor the Good Life Awards."

Before the ceremony at the Blue Chip Casino, Hotel, and Spa, we made our way to Le Roc and with phones in hand, we pointed to hairstyle and makeup ideas that we liked. The ladies of Le Roc took it from there. Curling irons twisted, eyeliner abounded, and many sprits of hairspray were applied.

"Melissa and Gia were very responsive to how I wanted my hair and make up. They gave me a great consultation and everything turned out perfect! Definitely accommodating to the client," Cortney Robinson said.

"I had such a great time at Le Roc. The entire team is incredible. Melissa made me feeling so cute. I don't get girlie often but they know how to do it just right. They made my night," Jenny Craig said.

"Le Roc did an incredible job on my hair and makeup. I've got really long, thick hair, so it's not always easy to get fancy hairstyles to stay for a long night out. But they did a great job keeping everything in place - and it looked great, too! I'd also never had my makeup done professionally before either; that was definitely an experience I'd love to have again," Gina Cullen said.