“Leaders Giving Back” Campaign to Renovate Tower Park

By: Valpo Parks Last Updated: March 24, 2017

Valpo-Parks-Leaders-Giving-Back-Campaign-to-Renovate-Tower-ParkThis is YOUR park Valparaiso! You are invited to join an extraordinary list of notable athletes and community leaders who have come together to help renovate Tower Park for a next generation of kids, families and adults.

The hard surface court will be turned into a state of the art playing surface that will replicate the Purdue University Mackey Arena floor and Valparaiso High School's gymnasium floor. In addition, two half courts will be added for the younger players.

Next to the courts, Tower Park baseball field that has served kids for over 40 years will be renovated to a state of the art baseball/softball multipurpose, all-weather turf field that will also accommodate Challenge League play for individuals with disabilities. A lead gift from Jeff Samardzija and the Samardzija Family is turning this vision into a reality.

There are leaders of all ages in Valparaiso contributing to this program - Gabriel, Anne and Andrew raised this money on their own for this exciting project!

Click here if you would like to invest in the future of Valparaiso's next generation.