Leave Your Leaves

Fall-leaf-pickupThe city’s fleet of leaf trucks and vacuums are geared up and will begin picking up leaves Oct. 15 through Nov. 30. “We aim to get through the entire city each week,” said Matt Evans, Public Works Director. Occasional Saturday pick ups may be added to the heaviest part of the season.

In Your Neighborhood

When it comes to leaves, remember:

  • Generally, leaves will be picked up on the same day as trash.
  • Crews will begin at 7:00 am and continue until dark, if necessary.
  • Leave your leaves in the right-of-way – off the street -- for pick up.
  • Leaves should be the only thing in the pile – no sticks, bricks, boards or other items.
  • Additional items should be placed separately in the right-of-way—not in the street.
  • Although it’s preferable to leave leaves unbagged during leaf pick-up season, leaves may be placed in biodegradable bags (NO plastic) or covered with a tarp at the curb to prevent them from blowing.
  • Please bag any leaves prior to Oct. 15 and after the leaf pick-up season ends on Nov. 30.
  • For more information about leaf pick up, or other services of Public Works, visit the city’s web site at www.valpo.us/pw


Get Your Mailbox Ready for Winter

To accommodate snow plows this winter, be sure your mailbox does not extend past the curb and that it’s secure enough to stand up to the weight of inevitable snow and ice that may be pushed to the side by plows. Public Works cannot be responsible for improperly placed mailboxes.