Let the Games Begin at Zao Island

Let the Games Begin at Zao Island

The scene of an epic showdown. Man pitted against woman in the fight for the championship. A fight to see who would be the victor in the war of…laser tag!

Laser Tag has finally made its way back to Valparaiso, as Zao Island opened the attraction on May 15. Not ones to let grass grow under our feet, we at ValpoLife knew we had to give it a try.

We chose a guys versus girls format, blue team versus green. There’s room for up to 10 on each side, per game and each person is assigned a superhero code name. Teams enter the arena via separate entrances, are given 15 seconds to stake out a spot amongst various barriers and walls before gameplay engages. The room is dark, lit only via blacklight and ambient light from the vests. “This setup is a lot more substantial than others I’ve seen,” shared Shawn Barnes. “It was intense.

Every gun measures how many shots you’ve given, which ones have hit the targets, and how many times you’ve taken a hit. When a shot hits your vest, on the chest and back plates and the shoulders, your vest vibrates and you are “dead” for 4 seconds before your gun is reactivated. Gameplay goes by quick so you need to stay on your toes to get in as many shots as you can!

Laser Tag at Zao Island offers fun for all ages, the young and the more mature. Our teams consisted of a variety of ages, from elementary school up through adult, and every one had great things to say about their experience:

Chris Mahlmann: “I had never played laser tag before..it was really fun! It’s cool how they track all the teams and individuals.”

Maureen Davey: “This is a great way to run around with friends and blow off steam after work. From small kids to adults, all will have a good time!

Caden Walsworth: “It was really, really fun!

Emily Walsworth: “Next time, I’m going to wear black, so people can’t see me. It was fun to play with lots of people.”

Robyn Walsworth: “I enjoyed playing laser tag with our group. It was fun that everyone could still be competitive regardless of size or age. I liked that the targets were easy enough for the kids to shoot as well. I would definitely go back!

Jeff Walsworth: “It was great that you could play as a family; that the kids and adults could compete together (or against each other).”

Open 7 days a week, Zao Island offers fun for the whole family. Come out and make a day of it!

Visit Zao Island on Facebook Follow Zao Island on Twitter Visit the Zao Island Website 1050 Horse Prairie Ave Valparaiso, IN 46385 Phone: 219-462-1194