Let’s Keep It All In Perspective!

By: Contributor Last Updated: January 11, 2010

Written by Jane Scupham, Principal

Yes, the holidays are over and life is slowly returning to its normal pace around school. After the children returned on Monday suffering from their post-holidays stupor, the atmosphere is now taking on its electric creative learning charge. Now is the time to step back and look at life with a detached evaluative view. Did it really matter that you were unable to find the exact plastic toy that little Johnny requested on his mile-long wish list? Did anyone really care that you forgot to put the cranberry sauce on the table until it was dessert time? Did you really need to worry that your child’s NBA career was on the line because your family went out of town and missed 3 of your child’s practices? Was it necessary to scour the internet for that X-Box game when the grandmas from both sides of the family bought the same thing? Did anyone really notice that draperies were fresh from the cleaners and you actually cleaned the front entry on your hands and knees?

Sometimes in all the hustle and bustle of the pre-holiday and holiday busyness, we forget to keep life in perspective. We (at least I know I do) worry about the inconsequential and over look the monumental. What’s monumental? Certainly not cleaning, basketball schedules, or obtaining the exact requested gift. But there are so many monumental moments if you only take time to see and appreciate them. It is monumental to be able to rejoice with friends who have fought the cancer battle and come out victorious. It is monumental to hold a new baby in your arms and smell that captivating “fresh” smell. It is monumental to have a spouse return from war unharmed. It is monumental to sit around the dinner table with all your extended family and laugh at silly childhood stories. It is monumental to watch a baby toddle around the room trying desperately to stay upright. It is monumental to receive a special treasure from a child that they want you to have because you somehow have made a difference in their life. It is monumental to receive from our loving Father the gift of His Son, who was sent for all. As 2010 unfolds, I encourage you to keep the inconsequential in perspective, and instead seek the monumental happenings and give thanks for them to our ever-loving God.

Happy New Year!