Letters From the Heart

By: Porter Regional Hospital Last Updated: June 4, 2013

Letters-from-the-Heart-1 At Porter Regional Hospital, we are surrounded by "bigger and better." Our new hospital offers clinical efficiency, advanced technology, new equipment and patient convenience unlike any other in the region. Yet, these are only tangible milestones. What is really at the core of our hospital is the compassionate care we deliver to every patient every day.

While it's hard to measure the impact of an act of kindness or a pleasant encounter, we'd like to share a few of the many letters we've received since the move to our new hospital that capture the heart of Porter's compassionate associates who go the extra mile.

Thanks to them, Porter Regional Hospital is the type of patient-centered institution that delivers the quality care that our residents have come to depend on for more than seven decades.

What Matters to Patients?

Letters-from-the-Heart-2 According to the National Health Services Institute for Innovation and Improvement, the most commonly reported things that matter to patients are:

  • Feeling informed and being given options
  • Staff who listen and spend time with the patient
  • Being treated as a person, not a number
  • Patient involvement in care and being able to ask questions
  • The value of support services, such as support groups, etc.
  • Efficient processes that provide the patient with a sense of continuity of care


A high level of concern and care. I was recently treated for a fracture of the fibula. The care I received at Porter Regional Hospital was excellent! Every one did an outstanding job and displayed a high level of care, concern and professionalism. I love the mobile admission station, as well as the mobile x-ray unit. The x-rays being sent straight to the computer is a huge plus! Thank you to everyone on sta? that afternoon for a job more than well done!

Compassion at work.
When I was at Porter, I was very ill & in a lot of pain. There was a group of caregivers who were very special and made an impression on me. They were so thoughtful & caring. I could really feel the compassion they felt. They gave me the best care and words can't express how great they were.

Keeping us informed.
Myself and our family would just like to say a Big Thank-You for the great care you gave my daughter during her time on the 4th floor having her baby. Everyone was great, kind and kept us informed of everything that was going on. You have a beautiful facility and you should be proud of it. Please pass our family's thanks and gratitude to the entire OB department.

Linked by a common purpose.
When my son and I were driving my husband to the hospital, my husband went into full cardiac arrest. My son used CPR, and we made it to the emergency room. The many professionals who assisted in my husband's care in the emergency room, the cath lab, in the ICU and on the telemetry unit were more than amazing. Not only did my husband receive excellent medical care, but the comfort and direction the staff supplied to me personally and to our family was priceless. It takes a complete team to survive an incident like this and for it to turn out successful. The new Porter Regional Hospital is not only a beautiful facility, but it would be nothing without the staff that fills the rooms, halls and departments. All of you are special people.

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