Levin Tire, Hydroplaning

By: Levin Tire & Service Center Last Updated: March 10, 2017

Levin-Tire-Hydroplaning-2017Spring is around the corner and that means lots and lots of rain.

Just like during the snowy months, it’s important to have good tire tread in the spring.

You might think that driving on ice is more dangerous than driving through rainwater, but if your tires have insufficient tread depth, a heavy rain can lead to serious trouble.

When the water on the road can’t funnel through your tires’ tread fast enough, your car literally starts to ride on the surface of the water. And since your tires are no longer in contact with the ground, you lose the ability to steer the car.

Watch the video above for some information on hydroplaning and what to do when it happens to you. You’ll need to click the YouTube link in the player to watch.

Then, come into any Levin Tire and Service Center. We’ll check your tread depth and tire pressure. If you need new tires before the rain starts falling again, we’ll help you pick the right type for your car and driving style.