Levin Tire in Highland Welcomes Mike Powell as Store Manager

Levin Tire in Highland Welcomes Mike Powell as Store Manager

Highland Levin Tire’s Store Manager, Mike Powell, has been an employee at the company for 18 years. He started at age 16 and began as a warehouse worker and general clean up person. When he was 19 he was promoted to Assistant Manager at the corporate location in Highland.

From there, he store hopped to wherever he was needed as Store Manager: Hobart, Valparaiso, and finally back to Highland in 2011. Just recently, Powell was promoted from Assistant Manager to Store Manager for Highland.

Powell attributes his longevity with the company to the experience as a whole.

“I stayed because I like the customers, I like my employees and bosses, I love working on cars, and I like the challenge of working at the corporate location.” Powell continues, “We keep busy here all day. We’re in a high traffic area. But when it's all said and done at the day I’m here for the customers first.”

Powell admits expectations are highest at the corporate location, but welcomes the challenge. This location not only has the highest volume of customers, but is also open on Sundays and has longer hours throughout the week.

“All you can do is always try to do the right thing for the people coming in for service. If you mess it up, admit you made a mistake and make it right. We’re here for the customer first. If you have to take a loss to make somebody happy, it is what it is.” said Powell.

Powell recalled a customer recently who was a long time client with Levin Tire. She had a great deal of AC work done on her vehicle. The AC work wasn’t covered under her warrantee. But because she was a long time client, Powell phoned Levin’s parts vendor to assist in resolving the customer’s issue.

“I got two resources involved to take care of this problem for the customer with absolutely no charge to them. That’s the kind of stuff we pride ourselves on. Going above and beyond for our clients.” said Powell.

Levin Tire of Highland is a full service shop. They specialize in tires, but also work in batteries, shocks, struts, engine work, tune ups, and other preventable maintenance. For more information on Levin Tire click here.