Levin Tire is Loving Their New Look

Just recently, the Crown Point location for Levin Tire had a massive remodeling project take place on their lobby area. New chairs, new tire displays, fresh paint, a new mural – the whole nine yards.

The room is large and spacious when you walk in from outside. One entire wall is made up of windows so lots of light is allowed in to brighten and show off the new improvements. On the wall behind the front desk is an awesome mural with bright and clear pictures depicting the type and range of work done at Levin Tire and Service Center.

“This has got to be the best looking automotive shop in Indiana,”Blair Mihalakis, sales associate for Levin Tire, said. “It's beautiful in here. It's like walking into a high end hotel, in my opinion. It's clean, organized, the customers are comfortable and they have all that they could want here. It's a great place to shop and hang out while your car or truck is being serviced.”

Customers can feel welcome and comfortable while they wait for their vehicles to be serviced by watching the flat screen television that is mounted on one side of the room while they lounge in brand new chairs, or they can get some extra work done on the other side of the room where a long table is built into the wall with conveniently located outlets for plugging in laptops and charging cell phones and iPads. There is also free WiFi so any customer who walks in the door can get connected and do their thing while the competent and friendly staff at Levin Tire does their thing.

“Things hadn't been updated in about 13 years,“ Cheryl Tomes, Store Manager for Levin Tire of Crown Point, said. “So we got new tire racks, the waiting area was moved to the other side of the room, we had the walls redone as well as the back splash. We made it more customer friendly. A lot of business people come here to have work done on their vehicles and so now they can conduct business while we get work done on their vehicles.”

Updated tire displays stand in the center of the lobby for customers to view when they come in to get new tires for their vehicle. This makes things much easier because the products are front and center with great signage to make perusing easier.

“I think it makes things more comfortable for our customers. It's an inviting atmosphere and it looks a lot cleaner now. I'm very happy with the remodeling,” Tomes said with a smile.

So if you are looking place that will take care of you as well as your car, stop on by Levin Tire and Service Center in Crown Point on Main Street. You won't be disappointed!