Levin Tire, New Winter Tire Will Give Drivers Better Handling in Snow, Freezing Conditions

By: Levin Tire & Service Center Last Updated: March 22, 2017

rot3Michelin North America recently unveiled the T/A KSI, a new BFGoodrich winter tire that will give drivers better grip and traction on snowy roads.

The completely redesigned tire has directional tread and a T-speed rating, and is replacing the Slalom KSI. Major highlights of the redesign include additional silica in the tire to enhance grip in sub-freezing temperatures while a serrated shoulder profile will give drivers better control in deep snow.

For when the snow begins to melt, the T/A KSI has wide lateral grooves and a large circumferential that will help with clearing out water and slush while casing protectors will help protect the tire from being damaged by salt and stone.

Members of the press were able to see the tires perform on a closed course, where it performed well when it was tested for handling ice braking, slalom and mixed elements.

This is big news for drivers who spend a sufficient amount of time driving in snowy and icy conditions. The T/A KSI will allow drivers to have an easier time staying on roadways even when driving on roads that snow removal crews have not reached yet. And as many drivers learned during the late winter snow storm, having good traction can mean everything when you’re on a snow covered road.

The T/A KSI will be available just before the snowy season begins with a launch date of September in Canada. Michelin has yet to announce a launch date for the United States.

For information about more winter tires, call your local Levin Tire Center and we will be glad to answer all of your questions.