Levin Tire of Hammond’s Alex Garcia Promoted to Store Manager

Levin Tire of Hammond’s Alex Garcia Promoted to Store Manager
By: Levin Tire & Service Center Last Updated: December 7, 2016

On September 19th, Alex Garcia was promoted to store manager at Levin Tire’s Hammond location. Alex has been with the company for about a year and a half. His starting position was as a sale associate at the front counter. Alex sites his one-on-one experience with the customers as a crucial key to his success.

“We have got to pay attention to what’s going on,” Alex said. “We have to look at the customer’s history which is always saved in our computer’s records. We have to work with the customer to always understand their position and what their concerns are, because every customer is different. There’s no cookie cutter way of going about it. Everyone needs their own individual attention. But that precise attention is what really makes a difference and sets us apart at Levin tire, in my opinion.”

Alex and his team at Levin Tire in Hammond understand that it's important to make sure each customer feels like they’re getting the right amount of attention and their concerns are being addressed. Alex sited two different stories on how he and his whole team went above and beyond for the customer.

“I had a customer a couple days ago with a Honda CRV,” he began. “She told me she appreciated how I explained to her what’s currently going on with her vehicle and what’s going to be needed to take care of in the long and short term. She liked that, because it gave her an opportunity to budget and plan ahead for whatever she need to do to take care of on her vehicle. Wherever she was going before Levin would not do that for her. They would just tell her, ‘oh, by the way all this stuff is broken and you need to buy this now.’ She wasn’t given a chance to make a game plan and prepare herself financially.”

In Alex’s second story he spoke about how just like the customers, each vehicle is different. Some issues aren’t always detectable and become more apparent in just a short manner of time. By sticking to Levin Tire’s focus on their customers, he and his team was able to appropriately address this particular customer’s concern.

“We had a customer come in and we serviced her vehicle. Unfortunately, something else broke on her vehicle-- to nobody’s fault, sometimes it just happens with vehicles. She came back and we went ahead and repaired it for free. We understand that its mechanical and stuff happens. We wanted to make sure she left happy and, of course, keep her as a customer as well.”

Alex keeps busy throughout the day at the Hammond location with customer appointments and walk-ins. The store itself is in process of completing a brand new remodel and Alex encourages customers to come see the newly redone building.

“Right now we’re in the middle of remodeling some things on the outside of the place and some on the inside. For example, in the inside we have new walls, new floors, a new TV, new furniture, and more. It's a really pleasant place for the customers to come visit with us!”