Levin Tire & Service Center’s Chip LaRock leads pioneering commercial service department

Levin Tire & Service Center’s Chip LaRock leads pioneering commercial service department

All year round, the Region’s roads are dotted with fleets of super-sized trucks and vans of construction crews, landscapers, towing companies, and other essential workers. These businesses depend on fast, affordable, and convenient maintenance to keep their fleets moving and work flowing. Levin Tire & Service Center is the team that businesses are increasingly trusting to complete that essential service thanks in large part to the work of Chip LaRock, Commercial Accounts Manager. 

LaRock started his career at Levin Tire & Service over 14 years ago and got off to a quick start, becoming their top service advisor in less than a year. Since then, he has continued to boost sales and lead the way on initiatives such as improving and expanding their commercial service. Just this year, he spearheaded the addition of six new repair bays geared to handle heavy-duty vehicles. 

“Across Northwest Indiana, I saw and heard from businesses that were frustrated that there weren’t enough teams capable of handling those big jobs and massive overhauls,” he said. “They were dropping their trucks off at local dealerships and it was taking weeks to get them back. They need their trucks on the ground so they can keep business running. Here at Levin, even for major jobs, we’re getting their trucks back to them in three to five days thanks to our new bays.” 

Levin Tire & Service built their reputation on their excellent service for their retail customers. They bring customers into the garage, walk them through what their vehicles need, and give step-by-step explanations of why any kind of repair is necessary. LaRock made it his personal mission to translate that experience to commercial clients. 

“These businesses are tired of other service centers seeing their vehicles as money machines,” he said. “I think that a lot of these businesses feel like they get taken advantage of, so what they really need from you is to be completely straight and honest with them. They’re business owners struggling just like anybody else.” 

LaRock and his team built a system that sorts commercial customers by their needs. It has given clients more control over their experience, whether it is what they want for their vehicles or how to pay for their service. 

“We want to give our commercial clients all kinds of flexible options,” he said. “It’s so different than what they’ve experienced before. There’s nobody else out here doing it like this.” 

LaRock also set their commercial pricing per hour to match the lower costs that Goodyear offers to national car rental chains like Hertz and Avis. 

 “Our commercial customers are getting the same advantage that these massive companies get from Goodyear. I wanted to take care of our small businesses, just like Goodyear takes care of the big guys,” LaRock said.