Levin Tire, What to Know About Road Hazard Tire Protection

By: Levin Tire & Service Center Last Updated: March 17, 2017

Levin-Tire-What-to-Know-About-Road-Hazard-Tire-ProtectionA number of customers ask us questions about the Road Hazard Tire Protection warranty that can be purchased in addition to getting a new set of tires. If you are thinking about getting new tires, it is important to know what Road Hazard Tire Protection covers so you know whether or not you want to purchase the warranty along with your new tires.

  1. The protection plan covers tires with a retail value of up to $299.99
  2. The warranty covers tire damage that is sustained due to road hazards, such as cuts, snags, bruises, impact or punctures that cannot be repaired.
  3. The warranty does not cover tire damage that is the result of an accident or vandalism. Punctures caused by ice picks, knives or other items that were caused with intention are not covered under the warranty because there are not road hazards
  4. Coverage can be denied due to tire damage that is the result of lack of rotation, alignment or worn suspension, or steering components.
  5. The warranty applies to the original purchaser of the warranty and the vehicle that the tires were installed on. Proof of coverage must be shown on a Levin Tire Center invoice that includes information about the warranty, and the D.O.T. # (Serial #).
  6. The warranty will last for 36 months or until the trend-depth is 3/32 or less, whichever comes first.
  7. The owner is obligated to routinely check the tire pressure to make sure they are properly inflated. They must also have the tires balanced and rotated at the recommended 6,000-8,000 miles, as well as have the front end alignment checked or adjusted every 12 months or every 12,000 miles.
  8. Damaged tires that qualify for coverage will be replaced.

If you have any questions about our Road Hazard Tire Protection or would like to purchase new tires, call or visit your local Levin Tire & Service Center.