Life Care Center of the Willows Celebrates Resident Flossie Thomason’s 101st Birthday with Family and Friends

Life Care Center of the Willows Celebrates Resident Flossie Thomason’s 101st Birthday with Family and Friends
By: Curtis Hankins Last Updated: November 1, 2018

Flossie Thomason, a resident at Life Care Center of the Willows, just turned 101. That is two world wars, a moon landing, 17 US presidents, and a whole lot of history. So the Willows celebrated Thomason’s milestone by gathering her family and community together for a big birthday bash.

Life Care Center of the Willows is a premiere provider of rehabilitation and 24-hour skilled nursing care located a short way from downtown Valparaiso. They are a smaller facility and cultivate strong relationships between staff, patients, and residents like Thomason. She celebrated her 100th birthday with Willows last year, and the staff knew they had to mark the impressive 101 milestone with another party.

“101 is pretty special, we don’t see a lot of that,” said Jessica Eldred, Activities Director at Life Care Center of the Willows. “It makes me so happy to do something like this for Flossie. Seeing her, with some of her family that came all the way from Texas, just shows why I enjoy what I get to do every day. I get to try and bring joy to people, bring them together, and celebrate these big milestones and parts of life.”

The centenarian has lost none of her spunk, according to her family and Willows Staff. She loves to sew and is a regular at the Willow’s scrabble games. At the same time she is quite humble, and claims that there is no particular trick to her many years, aside from one big thing.

“It’s just trust in the Lord,” Thomason said. “To me it’s nothing, I haven’t done anything special, but I do hope that I could be an inspiration to some people.”

If you ask her family, she is a role model for a lot more than her longevity. Her kindness, humor, and positive energy make her a natural teacher according to them. One family member claims there is a little more to her health than she lets on.

“Bacon grease. Ask her again and I’m sure she’ll tell,” joked Greg Palmer, Thomason’s grandson. "I’ve learned so much from her, she’s such a fantastic lady. She’s a role model. Plus, she even taught me to iron my own clothes and how to sew a button on.”

Life Care Center of the Willows Executive Director Tami Adams observed that Thomason is a lot more than a friend to her fellow residents; she is an example and leader.

“Flossie is one of the sweetest little ladies here and reminds me of my own grandma,” Adams said. “She inspires the other residents. She gives them a goal and a hope. They love events like this and to see Flossie here today…You can ask any of the residents and they’ll tell you themselves, she’s their role model.”

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