Life Care Center of the Willows Employee Spotlight: Dr. Michael Mirochna

Life Care Center of the Willows Employee Spotlight: Dr. Michael Mirochna
By: Kole Rushmore Last Updated: February 21, 2019

A passion for serving and helping people is what drove Michael Mirochna, M.D., to become the new medical director at Life Care Center of the Willows. Mirochna works hard to build a trusting rapport with his patients at this skilled nursing and rehabilitation center, making sure their questions are always answered and their personalized plans for health and healing are clear and concise.

Workdays start early in the morning for Mirochna, beginning with evaluating new patients at The Willows. Then it’s time to follow up with current residents to ensure they are on track.

Mirochna attended the University of Illinois for his undergraduate degree, then Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science. Inspired by Franklin and his contributions to the medical field, Mirochna knew the medical school was the best choice for him.

“I’m passionate about helping people and Dr. Rosalind Franklin was the first to capture a photograph revealing the structure of DNA,” Mirochna explained. “I went to school there and started a residency at a Mayo clinic in Arizona. In 2008 the economy tanked, so I had to finish my residency at St. Vincent in Indianapolis, Indiana.”

Mirochna and his wife later decided to move to the Region.

“I’ve been practicing medicine since we moved to the Region, and am now employed by Porter Physician Group as a family medicine doctor,” Mirochna said. He has been seeing patients at his Valpo clinic for the last eight years, and his medical directorship at The Willows is an additional part of his medical practice.

Once he moved to the area, Mirochna quickly became aware of everything the Region has to offer, both to his family and the patients he serves.

“Aside from being just minutes away from the Indiana Dunes National Park, the Region is a great place to raise a family and there’s a lot of great support in the community from the Porter County Aging & Community Services,” Mirochna said. “Patients have access to transportation to doctor's appointments and services like adult daycare, and there are a lot of other great resources for senior citizens.”

Throughout his career, Mirochna has put his medical knowledge to use in other areas, too. For him, it’s not just about helping and exceeding his patients’ needs, it’s also about giving back to the community.

“During the first year of med school, I volunteered to coach a high school football team,” Mirochna said. “Currently, I work with some of the local high schools and Valparaiso University with my concussion clinic.” The clinic serves athletes with education and treatment in both preventing and treating possible head injuries, helping to ensure they only return to the game when they are healed, and it is safe.

Even with all of his experience, Mirochna’s goal remains simple: to be the best physician for his patients.

“I tell students who shadow me that you always want to have a good bedside manner and build a good rapport with your patience and their family,” Mirochna said. “We want to make sure people are as happy and healthy as they can be.”

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