Life Care Center of The Willows Employee Spotlight: Erwin Escobar

Life Care Center of The Willows Employee Spotlight: Erwin Escobar
By: Kole Rushmore Last Updated: February 1, 2019

As a kid in the Philippines, Erwin Escobar, like any child, heard lots of advice from his parents about his future.

“They wanted me to become an engineer. I wanted to choose a career that was fulfilling and would give me the chance of making it in the United States.”

He made his dream come true, and now serves as the top Certified Stroke Rehabilitation Specialist (CSRS) at Life Care Center of the Willows in Valparaiso, one of the areas most coveted skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities.

Escobar taught the art of physical training in the Philippines before coming to the U.S. to practice physical therapy about 11 years ago. He has continually developed his passion for PT by taking care of patients at the Willows.

Escobar says he’ll never forget his first day of PT class.

“It was after my first class where I fell in love with people with neurological deficits,” Escobar said. “I loved working with clients with neurological issues like multiple sclerosis, patients with Parkinson's, dementia.”

Determined to fulfill his goal of living the American dream, Escobar, his wife, and children moved to the U.S. in 2007. After completing the U.S. Medical Licensure Examination, Escobar wanted to practice with a company that offered the most opportunity. In 2008, an opening at the Willows was available; Escobar said it was a perfect match.

“I love working here and I’ve gained so much knowledge and skills from my clients,” he said. “Through my work with my clients, I grow not just professionally, but emotionally, ethically and morally.”

Life Care Center of the Willows is an inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation facility with 24-hour nursing care. Their highly-qualified team provides a variety of specialized treatments, including closed-pulse irrigation for wound care, VitalStim therapy to help people with swallowing disorders, and orthopedic rehabilitation.

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