Life Care Center of the Willows Oldest Resident Turns 104

Life Care Center of the Willows Oldest Resident Turns 104

Marjorie Gomoll doubled down on fresh starts and chocolate desserts with her New Year’s Day Birthday party. The 104 year old woman celebrated the new year with close friends, family, and the Life Care Center of the Willows staff. 

Life Care Center usually does a monthly birthday party but for their oldest resident, they wanted to do something special.

“It’s such a big landmark for her to be over 100,” said Robyn Ruter, the Center’s Activities Director. “Marjorie’s been through so many of the major moments of our history, like the great depression. She’s been there. It’s great to celebrate that with her, to celebrate life. That’s what birthdays are about. It’s so inspiring to see someone so active at such an old age.”

Marjorie is an eager participant of the Care Center’s community, making sure to attend events like Disney Day or the annual Christmas party. They threw a golf themed birthday party for her last year.

“She and her husband used to go up North to fish for Walleye,” said Joe Atria, Marjorie’s nephew in law. “She golfed until she was pretty advanced in age. They loved that sort of thing.”

Marjorie made a deal with her husband that she would learn to golf if he learned to dance. She fell in love with the sport.

She also loves to cook and sew. Marjorie’s family used her recipe to bake cookies for the Birthday party.

Sue Atria, Marjorie’s niece, said, “She was a superb seamstress. I mean banging. She took on projects, she didn’t just create things from a pattern. Some of those things didn’t last because she used them until they wore out. And she didn’t have to do that, that’s the funny part.”

Marjorie is a woman of many passions, with a joy contagious to those around her. She felt blessed to be surrounded by the people she loves, who make 104 years feel like any other age.

“I’ve never been with a group of women so wonderful,” Marjorie said. “I never had a sister. All of these women, I feel like they are my family. They accepted me with my age and everything. Everyone has been so kind, it’s a lovely group of women.”