Life Care Center of the Willows Presents Check to Rebuilding Together

When it comes to life changing equipment and the organizations that provide them, any donation and support is essential. Luckily, Life Care Center of the Willows knows that their fundraising can go a long way.

On Friday afternoon the staff of Life Care Center of the Willows presented Rebuilding Together a check for $700 dollars that will help the organization for one of their former residents. The money was raised from Life Care Center of the Willows’ annual Spaghetti Dinner - which took place in March - and will be used to build a wheelchair ramp that will better the lives of someone in need.

“A few months ago we sponsored the dinner for Rebuilding Together in hopes that some of our residents at the facility would be able to use their services in the future when leave rehab for their home.” Tami Adams, Executive Director of Life Care Center of the Willows stated. “It feels great to give to a organization that really changes the lives of our former residents.”

A few members of the Life Care Center of the Willows staff and Rebuilding Together volunteers met at a home where their services have been recently utilized. They handed over the check at a home where a newly inserted ramp was built that allowed Rebuilding Together to show as an example of what their donation will be able to do for one of their residents. The metal ramp, which was put together at the entrance of the home in a few hours, had been used by three families previously but now takes residence at a home where it has been desperately needed.

Brandi Costello, Director of Social Services and Admissions for Life Care Center of the Willows, also added that seeing what their donation will be able to do for someone’s life is moving.

“When you work in skilled nursing and see individuals like the woman here today’s case that is homebound and couldn’t leave because of the lack of equipment for over two months - it’s rewarding.” Costello explained. “It’s really great to see that they can now get out of their home and it makes their lives so much easier.”

Life Care Center of the Willows donation was a welcome donation to Rebuilding Together, who will now continue to build wheelchair ramps for families, and grow their number from thirteen donated ramps across Porter County to many more. Bob Westfall, a volunteer for Rebuilding Together, said that the continued support from Life Care Center of the Willows allows them to continue to change lives and further their mission to help the ones that need their serves the most.

“This donation really gives us the opportunity to make our services available for folks because a ramp may be with a family for five or six months - or five years - but that equipment is utilized.” Westfall explained. “If someone else within our area needs a ramp the donation Life Care Center of the Willows gave us will allow us to buy the equipment that will help us serve the ones who need it. It’s really great to have their support and we’re thankful to them to help us with their donations.”