LIFE Members and Friends Celebrate Six Years Of LIFE With Lunch At Industrial Revolution

ValpoLife team members and friends gathered at Industrial Revolution in Valparaiso today for a continuation of the sixth birthday party for

Previously, the team had celebrated with breakfast at Blackbird Café, and discussed the importance that Blackbird had in the evolution of LIFE. Industrial Revolution was no different. It to, has intertwined itself in the pages of the ValpoLife story.

Our own CEO, Chris Mahlmann, told the story:

“We were doing planning for the Good Life Awards,” Mahlmann said. “It was the first year we were doing them, and Mike Leeson, the Owner of Industrial Revolution asked if we had awards picked out. I said ‘no, I just don’t want those mahogany things with the gold stamps.’ And he made these awards out of steel, and they were just awesome.”

“They were very, very cool,” Executive Team Leader, Jenny Craig added emphatically.

To this day, Leeson still hand makes the trophies out of steel for our Good Life Awards. A contribution that has made Leeson and Industrial Revolution a permanent fixture in our LIFE story.

But just as important as the past is looking towards the future. And attendees at today’s lunch seemed just as positive as where the next six years will take ValpoLife, as they were in just how far the company has come so far.

“I hope that Valpo becomes the ‘Gem of the Midwest’, “ said Figure Eight Marketing Director, Neil Davey. “And I hope ValpoLife is there every step of the way.”

“I just hope we continue to grow,” our own Anna Hanson, Media Director said. “I hope we get more space to do videos, and grow into an entity where we cover an event and people are like ‘wow, ValpoLife is here!”

“I just hope we keep growing, and spreading good news to good people,” our IT Director, Maureen Davey said.

“I hope that ValpoLife continues to grow and you continue to bring good news and that there’s still more good news to be brought,” Dave Woodson of Dave Woodson Realty added.

As far as the past six years, though, Mike Brown of Valpo Velvet perhaps summed up the table’s feelings the best.

“Thanks for coming to town ValpoLife,” Brown said. “You’ve helped the community 100%.”

Here’s to six years of connecting with the amazing community of Valparaiso, and six more of building on those fantastic relationships.