Life Recommends: January 2015


Winter is in full force. Ice, snow, blustery winds, dead car batteries and salt trucks abound. It's a grouchy time of year and many of us are seeking things to stave off the cold and warm our hearts and bellies.

We Lifers have some ideas if you want something local, tasty, and toasty. Head to Blackbird Cafe.

Brett has a sweet tooth - Blackbird's chocolate chip cookies are the item on the menu that warm me up the most. They are fantastic and do that thing where the middle is a little doughy still. Not sure if they make me fat, but they definitely make me warm.

Jenny loves java - Hands down my "Warm Me Up" choice from Blackbird is a large Americano. It is hot and deliciously strong. It warms me up and wakes me up! I also love almost any of their vegetarian soup choices. They are always so tasty and homemade. They make me want to snuggle up with a good book on the couch.

hot-cocoaCait (me) craves cheese- I love grilled cheese sandwiches from Blackbird. They are warm and gooey in the middle with the bread perfectly toasted on the outside. Pair it any of their homemade soups (especially tomato) and you have a perfect cuddle-up-and-watch-it-snow meal.

Vincent is loco for hot cocoa - Hot Cocoa from Blackbird always warms me up and puts me in a good mood, especially when it's cold outside!

Shawn is exploring new horizons - I seem to usually shy away from warm food for some reason, but my favorites at Blackbird so far are the roasted veggie sandwich on a pretzel bun with lots of tasty goat cheese, and their chai is my favorite all time drink. It tastes like Christmas.

Maureen loves omnomnomnomelettes (omelettes) - The blackbird omelette sandwich is one of my favorite choices to warm up with on a cold day! It's a little spicy which I love, and the combination of the hot egg, cheese, and bagel is the perfect comfort food. Pair it with a cup of Blackbird Blend and I'm set! It's my favorite lunch on an icy day.

Chris keeps to his old standby - Blt with a bite. It's a hearty sandwich with big chunks of bacon and a spicy kick to it.

Pam wants chili so she won't get chilly - I love Grandpa's Chili. Not only is it delicious, but also warms the body and soul. It's a great comfort food in the frigid weather!