Life Sites launch new brand, new tech at 10-year mark – Good to Great

Life Sites launch new brand, new tech at 10-year mark – Good to Great

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Northwest Ind. – Ten years after launching the area’s only online exclusively positive news media company, Chris Mahlmann, Founder of GreatNews.Life, has announced the company has positioned itself for new growth with a comprehensive re-brand and new custom-built publishing system and web presence front to back.

Ideas in Motion Media now becomes GreatNews.Life, and all accompanying websites and social sites follow with the dot life suffix: Valpo.Life, Portage.Life, LaPorteCounty.Life, and NWI.Life.

“This is the most comprehensive upgrade we have made as an organization in 10 years. It builds upon the fact that we are now one of the largest media providers in the region and takes us from good to great in all aspects of what we do,” Mahlmann said. “The evolution of our brand will serve our readers and followers, contributors and partners better than ever, creating a clean, dynamic, mobile-friendly and targeted experience for everyone who has come to know and trust us to provide hyper-local, positive feature news to our communities.”

GreatNews.Life and the accompanying websites have been custom-built from the ground up, incorporating a powerful dynamic database that makes every piece of news related to cities, schools, and counties easy to access and navigate. All 65,000 articles, more than a half a million photos, and 1,000+ videos, published over the last 10 years have carried over to the new sites, giving audiences a fresh opportunity to engage in content that is well-organized, easy to find, and – as always – exclusively positive. The videos, photo galleries, and articles are all hosted within the sites now, so readers are not pulled away to other sites while they’re engaging with their favorite content. The Life Sites also have published more than 70,000 events in their community calendars over the last 10 years.

On social media, GreatNews.Life and accompanying sites are the fastest growing and most positively engaged social news sites in the Region. They have the second largest social media following in the region, including more than 69,000 Facebook fans, more than 28,000 Twitter followers, 1,800 Instagram followers, and 2,900 people in LinkedIN groups.

The company values of great news, positivity, professionalism, community, and excellence all shine through in their colorful content. Mahlmann said the new launch – both brand and tech – honors everyone who has been, is, or will be part of the company’s success.

“When we started 10 years ago, nobody thought it would work. We aren’t supposed to be here,” Mahlmann said. “But we are, because of all of those who put in the hard work in years past, and all of those who are putting in the hard work today. We have big plans for growth in 2020 into new markets, and our success there will be with positive-minded partners whom we likely haven’t met yet. This company works because people are hungry for positivity and great news, and because our team is laser focused on fulfilling that need. We’re just getting started.”

Mahlmann said he particularly wishes to thank the original Life Site partners who believed in the mission 10 years ago and continue to actively support it, and all the city and regional leadership who welcomed this great news company into their community, schools, and events.

For more information, Read, Love, and Share all the positive news in the community at Valpo.Life, Portage.Life, NWI.Life, and LaPorteCounty.Life, and follow them on their corresponding social networks. Want to become a partner in great news? Check us out at GreatNews.Life.