Lifer Ladies Enjoy a Night Out with Blue Chip Casino and Spa Blu

Lifer Ladies Enjoy a Night Out with Blue Chip Casino and Spa Blu

With it's cold temperatures and threats of snow, winter can put a damper on any group trying to have fun. Slick roads, cold cars, and biting winds, can make Northwest Indiana a less than glamorous place in the dead of winter. Luckily, places like Blue Chip Casino exist, making a ton of fun available under one roof!

On a snowy Friday night, the Lifer Ladies took a trip out to Michigan City to experience the Blue Chip Casino and it’s amazing spa for themselves. Starting with a free valet, the group found themselves immediately in the grasp of relaxation and comfort. Candace Arvin was already familiar with Blue Chip, but found the experience over the weekend to be top notch.

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“I have been to Blue Chip before, but never had the opportunity to experience it the way I did this weekend,” said Arvin. “Nasty weather outside, but loads of fun all under one roof!”

With a full itinerary, the ladies checked into their rooms and headed down to the spa to enjoy a little bit of pampering before heading out to enjoy dinner, the casino, and some time at It’s Vegas Baby!

After a stop at William B’s for dinner and dessert, the ladies tried their luck in the casino. Energy was high across the floor with a band entertaining at the Rocks Lounge. With a bit of winnings in their pockets, It’s Vegas Baby! was next on the list and didn’t disappoint with it’s live DJ and great lineup of music. Jenny Craig-Brown raved about the staff and their constantly friendly, helpful demeanor.

“The staff of the entire Blue Chip Casino, Spa Blu, and William B’s were absolutely incredible,” explained Craig-Brown. “I could not ask for a better all-in-one package than what the Blue Chip offers and I will definitely be returning with more friends for more amazing weekends away from home.”

While the evening had to end at some point, the ladies reconvened in the morning for a trip to the gym and the buffet. With helpful staff and options for everyone, they could start the morning off right, whether they wanted a bit of fruit or a icing covered cinnamon roll. The trip wrapped up with each Lifer relaxed and appreciative of the time they were able to spend in such an wonderful place.

“Overall, it was a very fun night out with the Lifer Ladies,” said Stephanie Swearington.

Though the weather outside may have been cold and snowy, the atmosphere inside the hotel was active, fun, and as inviting as ever. For a night out under one roof, the Blue Chip Casino and Spa Blu offers a perfect option for simplicity and fun all in one place.