Lifer Lunch at Ben’s Soft Pretzels

Lifer Lunch at Ben’s Soft Pretzels

Downtown Valparaiso is such a fitting home for Ben’s Soft Pretzels that the town just wouldn’t seem the same without it now! Nestled right off Lincolnway and Lafayette St, just a skip and a hop from Urschel Pavilion and Central Park Plaza, Ben’s Soft Pretzels makes for a perfect quick bite with family and friends. The doughy, Amish-inspired pretzels are made from scratch right before the customers’ eyes, and the fact that they’re speedy and easy to take on the go makes them all the more appealing.

Ben’s Soft Pretzels originated right here in Indiana, in Amish Country. What began as a couple’s baked goods selling venture at Farmer’s Markets spiraled into the successful business it is today. (Read more about the Ben’s Soft Pretzels story here.) Now, the delicious pretzels are becoming a household name, appearing in sports stadiums, supermarkets, and event venues across the country, as well as brick and mortar locations like the one in Valparaiso.

Jack Hines of Hines Plumbing is the owner of the building Ben's resides in, and he’s thrilled to be tied to such a delicious part of the Valpo community. While Hines is a familiar face in many area homes that call him for all their plumbing needs, Ben’s Soft Pretzels provides an extra outlet for him to feel the pulse of the community. With the building's focal location and ever-growing popularity, the pretzel shop is just the thing.

On a particularly restless Friday after a busy week at the Ideas in Motion Media office, a handful of Lifers took a trip to Ben’s Soft Pretzels for a much-needed lunch break. Suffice it to say, this was an excellent decision.

Director of Operations and Human Resources Stephanie Swearington and Managing Editor Jen Bissonnette opted for the popular Buggy Bites, delicious bite-sized pretzels that are best with one of Ben’s Soft Pretzels specialty dipping sauces, such as cheese, spicy mustard, chocolate, or caramel (the sweeter dips are especially good with cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on the Buggy Bites.) The two are no strangers to their orders.

“I always take my son, Corbin, to get a pretzel or Buggy Bites at Ben’s after he gets his hair cut next door,” Swearington said. “We sit and eat in the front window, so he can point out all the hot rods that drive by!”

Bissonnette also enjoys family time at Ben’s.

“I love going to Ben’s; one of my favorite things to do is bring my daughter, Sophie, here and share Buggy Bites while we walk around downtown,” Bissonnette said. “And we have to get the cheese for dipping, of course. The cheese is excellent.”

Graphic Designer Nick Dapkus ordered the Pretzel Dog, although the Pretzel Pockets were also tempting.

“Enjoyed the delicious Pretzel Dog for the first time and definitely would go for it again,” Dapkus said. “Nothing beats the combination of hot dog, swiss cheese, and pretzel!”

We can’t disagree!

Executive Team Director Jenny Craig-Brown and Director of Client and Business Development Candace Arvin tried the Pretzel Sticks, favoring the sweet chocolate and caramel dips.

“These are amazing, and they give you so many pretzels!” Arvin laughed. “They are too delicious not to finish!”

Craig-Brown thought Ben’s made for the perfect lunch break.

“Our lunch at Ben’s Pretzels was awesome. I loved having so many options of pretzel type and sauce,” Craig-Brown said. “From sweet to savory, they had everything we wanted, and the service was so fast! Perfect spot to spend a fun lunch.”

Yours truly went with the traditional Jumbo Pretzel with sweet mustard for dipping. My pretzel smile says it all.

While our stomachs are still completely full, we’ll definitely be making room for another Lifer lunch there soon. If you haven’t been yet, don’t waste any more time! Visit Ben’s Soft Pretzels today!