#Lifer suggestions for trending pumpkin decoration

#Lifer suggestions for trending pumpkin decoration

There are many alternative ways to get into the Halloween spirit without soaking your hands in pumpkin goop. Grab a paintbrush, acrylic paint, and a tablecloth and you’re all set to create a pumpkin masterpiece that will sit with pride on your front porch this Halloween.

Greatnews.life is here to provide you with this some trendy Halloween pumpkin designs that are achievable for all ages, require minimal supplies, and will still bring the wow factor your front porch deserves. Be the talk of the neighborhood this year and take a look at our list of must-try pumpkin designs.

Considered to be one of the top trending pumpkin looks of the year, the beauty pumpkin is both easy to achieve and adorable. Simply paint the face of your pumpkin with a light green color and add eyes, lips, and a mouth. As for the towel, it’s best to paint your pumpkin’s stem with glue and then tie a face or handcloth around it. This decoration will be sure to attract many compliments. Perfect for local spas as well!

These simple emoji pumpkins are great for the whole family to try. Pick your favorite emoji, hold your phone close, and copy away! This design works best on smaller or medium-sized pumpkins. The only supplies you’ll need are yellow, black, white, and red paint (for most emoji faces), and corresponding brushes, water, paper towels or rags. Bring your emojis to life this Halloween.

Day of the Dead-themed pumpkin decorating continues to gain more popularity over the previous Halloween seasons. This design does involve some light carving but can also be left out if you are looking to just paint without the hassle of clearing out your pumpkin. Pick any bright colors you desire and let your creativity run free. Add a little bling by gluing small plastic gems around the pumpkin’s eyes, nose, and mouth.

The entire family can join in on this pumpkin throwback design. Channel your inner child and create this eye-catching PAC-MAN pumpkin ensemble. You’ll need black, white, and blue paint, along with the respective PAC-MAN character colors. To achieve the jagged pixelated look of the ghosts, color outside of the lines in a jagged manner. Bonus points if you can name each ghost!

Here’s another trending design from the Netflix show Stranger Things. Chanel your powers and re-create the iconic call-for-help scene from the first season. You’ll need black and white paint and a string of multi-colored Christmas lights. The best part about this design is that the display will look good in the daytime and at night during trick-or-treating. Be sure to set your pumpkin’s display close to a power outlet and prepare to be the talk of the Upsidedown as it shines.

Create away! Planning to re-create any of our suggestions or have more to share with us? Show and tell us in the comments below. Have a safe and happy Halloween!