Lifers Celebrate the Holidays

Photos from the NWI Tweetup Holiday Office Party can be seen here!

It's the last Tweetup of 2014! We at Ideas in Motion Media love the holidays and we love Life (There's a reason they call us "Lifers"). And we are all about sharing the love with great people. So we shared our holiday office party with our business partners, family, and friends.

"Since it's the holiday season we wanted to incorporate that with our Tweetup," Lady Lifer Jenny Craig said. "It's more of what we used to do back in the day and this will allow everyone to chat and network a little more than normal... I love that we can share our holiday with our partners. We work with them all year so to be able to get some time with them and thank them for all of this and all that we have is fantastic."

But first, let's reminisce on the Tweeups that marked 2014:

Our first Tweetup in February  brought out everyone's generosity at Industrial Revolution in Valparaiso. Nonprofits benefitted from our collaboration with Berman's Infinti of Merrillville who started with a donation of $250 that morphed into $1000! Look at the photos!

 Our second Tweetup of the year took everyone to T.J. Maloney's Authentic Irish Pub in April. More nonprofits came and cleaned up at our special Trivia Night. Look at the photos!

Our third Tweetup was at Zao Island. Amid the warm weather laser tag, go carts, games and even more charitable giving made it a memorable event. Look at the photos!

In July, our fourth Tweetup was a backyard party with all of the awesome people that we associate with. There was food, a cornhole tournament, and great memories made. Look at the photos!

And now, back to now. Chris Mahlmann, our CEO, Publisher, and newly discovered karaoke master, is the brains behind the operation. He and the rest of the Life team took the time to relax and enjoy holiday cheer with the people we care about.

"We love this time of year and hosting this party. It's all about friends and people that we have met through Life and we are thankful that we get to spend an evening celebrating another year together," Mahlmann said.

And celebrate we did. It was a good old fashioned holiday party. Good food and drinks, chatter and laughter could be heard from all the rooms in the office, holiday music played in the background, games and group karaoke sessions were played, and photo ops were had. Nothing could make the night better. But wait! Guests were able to bring an unwrapped toy to donate to Toys for Tots. Our Tweetups aren't complete without some charitable giving.

New faces were seen and familiar faces beamed. Tours were given to those who had never seen our office and those who have frequented the establishment came in and made themselves at home, always welcome here. All our guests were treated to delectable pizza from Zao Island

"This was such a fun time. I think the Life Team can throw a great party. And combine that with the holidays, which are great already, and you can't go wrong," Darlene Cohn of D. Cohn Communications said. "And being around so many great people that make me laugh and smile is a gift that warms my heart."

A special shout-out goes to Ryan Wright at the Zao Island team for bringing Kolada's Pizza along with Firehouse Subs' Jeff and Robyn Walsworth for supplying delicious sandwiches! Also thanks to Joe Zirconia and Jose R. Moreno for providing the music and entertainment


*~* Happy Holidays from all of us at Life! *~*