LIFERS Enjoy a Staff Dinner at the Amazing, Delicious, and Awesome Fiddlehead

LIFERS Enjoy a Staff Dinner at the Amazing, Delicious, and Awesome Fiddlehead
By: Brett Fuller Last Updated: March 13, 2017

With the comings and goings and hectic pace of the Good News world, the LIFER team rarely gets a time to sit and enjoy each other's company without the subject of work coming up.

Luckly, in February we found a night for the whole full-time staff to get together and enjoy a night of fun and - of course - amazing food, drinks, and service from the team at Fiddlehead, located at 422 Franklin St. in Michigan City.

Everyone shared their favorites below, but don't just take our word - head into Fiddlehead yourself to try their unique, locally sourced, amazing menu! A special shoutout goes to our server Seth, who was just a delight and helped in making the atmosphere light for our hard-working crew.

Taylor Irby:
Ahhh! Fiddlehead is amazing. The drink options are local and amazing. The atmosphere is well lit, and you really want to spend time there. I ordered the pot pie, and it was so good. I loved the flaky crust and the flavors it had. Our waiter was quick and very helpful with meal suggestions and interacting with our table. I'd go again, and definitely try something else on the menu! Everything the Life team ordered looked homemade and delicious.

Andrew Rowe:
I chose the Cedar Plank Salmon and it could not have been more delicious! Perfectly prepared and served with Acorn Squash, I would highly recommend that you try it out. The Caesar Salad was another highlight of an altogether great dinner.

Megan Rigg:
As soon as I saw the chicken parmesan on the menu, I had my mind made up. My expectations were blown away! Not one, but TWO delicious pieces of chicken. Paired with my favorite local beer, Sunlight Cream Ale, I was in heaven. I cannot wait to go back and try something new, as everything set down on our table looked amazing.

Robert Tovar:
The pork chop was awesome and Seth hooked me up with a complimentary caesar salad which was delicious! FIddlehead also had a great selection of craft beers in bottles and cans!

Brett Fuller:
I had the Chicken Carbonara - it was an awesome combo and a perfect mix of chicken, bacon, cheese and the noodles were unique too. Never had cavatappi before. Plus, parmesean cream sauce? Are you kidding me? Plus, its not on the menu but I got garlic bread with it. I’m a big boy and it fed me for two whole meals as well. Awesome food!

Jessica Campbell:
Fiddlehead was great. Not only was the food delicious, but the atmosphere is so cool and laidback. The location is great being on Franklin Street and near all the cool downtown stores. I am looking forward to heading there in the summer when I can walk down the street and stop by for dinner after a day on the beach! My dinner of salmon and roasted acorn squash was excellent and fresh. I think my favorite thing we had on the table were the mushroom pierogis. Plus, the dessert brownie over ice cream was huge - We all had to share some!

Chris Mahlmann:
Meatloaf with a side of mac and cheese with bacon in the mac and cheese – meat loaf was just like home made, but way better – full of flavor, hearty, and the bacon in the mac and cheese put the whole meal over the top. Love the atmosphere and the home cooking – our waiter helped to make it a fun evening for our crew.

Natalie Mahlmann:
Chicken parm was excellent and loved the brownie sundae! Our server was outstanding!

Jenny Craig:
I loved the food! I ordered the cedar plank salmon and it was so amazing. I have always had great food there but I think my favorite thing from the entire evening was the server. Seth was a great server start to finish. We had a larger group and he handled everything really well and organized, all while have a good time with us and cracking jokes. He was perfect. Food, Fiddlehead has down to perfection but they also have an incredible staff and that is hard to come by.

Stephanie Swearington:
I had the Fiddlehead salad, and it was delicious! I really love that all the ingredients are fresh. You can really tell the difference.

Anthony Cleveland:
There was a lot a great food on the menu that I’ve never tried before. That’s tough to find in other restaurants I frequent. Happy that my first Shepherd’s pie was from a great restaurant that sources their food locally. The mix of lamb and beef topped with creamy potatoes was a great taste bud discovery. Eager to go back and try something else from their menu I haven’t tasted before.

Justin Wicker:
Staff & Service: 5/5 Friendly staff who is always there to make sure your questions are answered and food is the way you want it. Food: 5/5 Awesome food from start to finish. One of the best lobster rolls I've had and you can tell everything is very fresh. They will make it exactly the way you expect it.

Gina Cullen:
It was my first time visiting Fiddlehead and I absolutely loved it! I ordered their Shepherd’s pie (which is one of my all time favorite dishes) and it was probably the best I've ever had. The staff was super pleasant to be around, and they were quick to get us anything we needed. I'll be back for sure!