Links of the Week: The Official Retirement of the Links of the Week Column (Unless Someone Steals It)

Links of the Week: The Official Retirement of the Links of the Week Column (Unless Someone Steals It)

Well, it’s the end of an era: This will be the final Links of the Week you’ll ever read on the LIFE sites (... unless someone else takes the reigns. If they do, call them a copycat and know the OG will always look down on them). More importantly, however, it’s my last day working for Ideas in Motion Media (aka the LIFE sites).

This is a bit of a bitter-sweet edition to write - for the uninitiated: this space used to be the site’s most popular every week. We used to have competitions on who’d have the most traffic on their articles back when we were above the garage at Chris’ house. I’d always win with this column. Oh, how I’d always win. THOSE WERE THE DAYS, MAN. WE WERE SO YOUNG. This was back before blogging was blogging. It stood out in the early days, back when we didn’t have so many original articles (or Facebook’s stupid algorithm).

We’ve been talking a ton about the old days since I let the team know I’d be moving on. So many people to thank for wins and learns - two elements in working here we take seriously. The wins are wins, but wins you earn. The “learns” are losses; but what turns a loss into a learn though is that you recognize the err, and you adjust in the future. Lots of losses in those 8 years. Lots of wins too. Every day offered something unique and that’s the best and most challenging of this place - the right people succeed, and I’d like to think of the last eight years as a success.

This Links of the Week blog is sort of a microcosm for working here. It’s original, it's positive, and and it’s something organic. You are asked to create something, and if it works do it consistently and try to improve each time out. It’s not rocket science (although I did literally write about rockets last week).

All told, I wrote 117 of these suckers. I did quit writing it regularly three different times: in 2011, 2013, and 2016. Each time, we were likely on the precipice of a new site launch, major project, or I was trying to show people that it is not that hard to spit out some prose in the name of creating an creative outlet. Now I lay this space to rest. It was a fun little spot that I used to get recognized for - literally people would stop me on the street to say, “Hey, your thing was fun.” (How do you respond to that phrasing by the way?)

I’ll go ahead and use my final spot here to be a sell-out. If you are a developing writer, developing tech person, developing personality, developing graphic artist, or just plain someone who wants to succeed, join the team. This places give people an opportunity to develop into more than they thought before the joined. There are growing pains associated with that, but ultimately you come out a more developed person - professionally, mentally, and (definitely in my case) in capacity.

Well, eight-plus years since this thing started and we’re officially done. It was a hell of a run. We’ll see if anyone edits that swear word. Here are your Links of the Week:

Stop paying for cable. Pay someone else for your entertainment: a breakdown. [LifeHacker]

The Simpsons are creating a semi-documentary on the 25th anniversary of "Homer at the Bat," quite possibly the best and most well-known Simpsons-episode. [Warming Glow]

WiFi has been hacked. Not, like, a WiFi network but like WiFi-WiFi. The thing we all use all day every day. NOTHING TO SEE HERE! [The Verge]

Yeah the Cubs got beasted in the NLCS, but I disagree with the notion that they have to completely re-tool. Yeah they need starting pitching, relievers, a lead off hitter, more depth off the ben… yeah they need to re-tool. [FanGraphs]

HOW DOES THE CIA FIRE A DOG THIS CUTE?!?!?! Would pet 10/10. [Mashable]

Speaking of dogs, Google Photos can now recognize your pets’ faces when you upload photos. Not creepy at all! [The Verge]

Thanks to all who read. Thanks to all who share. Thanks to all I’ve worked with. Have a great weekend.