Links of the Week: Tom Petty, Screenwriting, and Traveling via Rockets

Links of the Week: Tom Petty, Screenwriting, and Traveling via Rockets

I am on the search for new podcasts, and I want *you* to suggest a few new options.

I like listening to comedy podcasts, politics (left, right, and center!), sports (mostly NBA), and I like a couple business-minded shows like HBR Ideacast and Freakonomics. Over the past few weeks though, I’ve trimmed down my collection for the first time in years.

Since I really started looking for new ones, the podcast scene has exploded and networks like All Things Comedy, Earwolf and PodcastOne have been created, and each offer dozens and dozens of new shows.

So, what are a few I should listen to? I’ll give just about any a shot, as long as I can make it through a full episode.

Leave a comment with a suggestion; I look forward to reading them. Until then, here are your Links of the Week:

Of course, “The 5 Best Uses of Tom Petty Songs in Movies” is something you’re going to click on this week. [Mashable]

It has been, like, 3 weeks since I’ve written about something crazy Elon Musk is doing. This week: city-to-city travel… via… rockets. You first, big guy. [The Verge]

The Dana Gould Hour is one podcast that I have been thinking about abandoning, If only because they are THREE HOURS LONG AND THREE HOURS IS NOT ONE HOUR. Either way, here’s a good read on Mr. Gould, a very funny man. [Splitsider]

Vulture ranked the 100 Best Screenwriters of All Time, which of course is topped by an obscure writer from the 1940’s, immediately followed by names you’d actually recognize. Hipsters. [Vulture]

Microsoft Xbox One X is looking to become the “most powerful gaming console” on the market, and is launching a month from when you’re reading this article. I am still relatively “new” to the PS4, so I am not ready for a new generation of these things. Slow down, developers! [The Verge]

Does Facebook really need to take responsibility for its role in the spread of misinformation during the 2016 election? [Wired]

A tradition unlike any other: ESPN’s Zach Lowe released his “Watchable Teams” ranking for the upcoming NBA season. The Bulls aren’t last! (Though they should be!) [ESPN]

Batman Forever was pretty much nine-year-old Brett’s favorite movie. Looking back, it’s no surprise that Tommy Lee Jones hated Jim Carrey while they filmed their scenes together. [The Hollywood Reporter]

When will the bubble burst on the startup culture of Silicon Valley? [WIRED]

Hey, look! The guy from Supersonic is the one who wrote “Someone Like You” for Adele. Have a good weekend.