Links of the Week: Buying a Round, Sammy Sosa, and Changing Things Up a Bit

By: Brett Fuller Last Updated: August 27, 2010

In the year or so that I've been writing the Links of the Week blog, I've been asked more than anything, "Where do you get your links?" Well, I'm subscribed to dozens of RSS feeds, I follow a few hundred folks on Twitter, and I get sent quite a few links via email as well.

In writing my response to the question above, however, I realize I shouldn't be answering that question-- it should already be done. So, things around here are going to change a little. Bear with me.

At the end of each section, I'll give you the link and the website from which it came.

So, with the promise that I will continue to bring you the best (good) links on the web while trying my darnedest to subscribe to the rules of the Wild Wild West known as the World Wide Web, I give you the Links of the Week:

For those of you, unlike me, who are not too cheap to buy a round of drinks, about about an article titled "How to Buy a Round of Drinks?" [Esquire]

Apparently, science says that if you drink two glasses of water before you eat (a diet-inspired) meal, then you'll lose more weight that people who just eat their (diet-inspired) meal. Science! [TIME Wellness Blog]

Because we love lists and new things, here is an interested list of the 10 Greatest (Accidental) Inventions of All Time. [Gizmodo]

As much as I'd hate to admit it, I'm sort of turning in to a TV-junkie/snob. I'm not sure when, but the Emmy's are coming up soon and my favorite TV critic Alan Sepinwall is giving his preview for the drama section. My prediction: Breaking Bad takes down Mad Men. [What's Alan Watching]

Do you work too much? If I were a betting man, I'd bet you'd say "yes" to that every time. put together an interesting article regarding Germany's (go figure) production and efficiency and how they have shorter work weeks than Americans. Good stuff. [Salon via LongReads on Twitter]

Does the latest real estate market flounder mean the death of the McMansion? CNBC seems to think so. Personally, I want a McMansion, but my wife-to-be hates them. She thinks they are too cold and spacious. But me? I NEED ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES! [CNBC via TheBigLead]

Vanity Fair wants to know if the "preppy" style is coming back. I don't know, nor do I care. On a related note, I don't pay attention to fashion much, and I don't shop for my own clothes. That way, sometimes I'm in style, sometimes I'm not. Smart, no? [Vanity Fair Online]

I love, (no, I LOVE) everything about this Sammy Sosa article from Chicago Magazine. The guy clearly has never done anything wrong and should get credit for reviving baseball, hitting lots of home runs, smiling, running out to right field, and no questions should ever be asked about anything else. []

Did you really think I could get through a Links of the Week blog without another Inception parody? This week: Slapshot. [YouTube via Bill Simmons Twitter]

And, for your video of the week, a cool CCR cover by Jeff Tweedy and Mavis Staples. Enjoy:

Photo credit to Tele-Smart