Literal Rain on Parade as Valpo Postpones Senior Night in Home Opener Loss

Viking Nation had their patience tested on Friday night as Valparaiso’s first home games of the 2014 Varsity Football season was plagued by a three-plus hour lightning delay with multiple storms rolling through town.

Just before kick-off, a half-hour delay was called as a warning for oncoming storms, but then a glimmer of hope showed its rays as the sun peaked from behind the clouds. Both Valparaiso and Fort Wayne Homestead started their warm, butbefore long another lightning delay was announced over the speakers. It was from there that the waiting became wearisome. Families went to their cars and the players went into their locker rooms.

It wasn’t until just after 9:30 p.m. that the two football teams finally made their way to kick off. Even though that should of dampered fan’s excitement to see the Vikings take on the Spartans, by the time the game started it was like the delay never happened. The student section was loud as ever and the families who waited out the storm still cheered from their seats.

Two of Valpo football’s senior student managers exemplified the spirit that was shown on the field. Meghan Gallagher and Rhona Gilliam have both been with the football team since they were sophomores and have seen their fair share of rainy games, but their spirits were high.

“I’m really happy that we could get this in,” Gallagher stated, “even though Senior Night was postponed to next week it’s always a good thing that it didn’t get cancelled.”

It was Gilliam, though, that put Valpo fans’ persistence into one phrase, “Once a Viking, always a Viking - rain or shine.”

The night ended at 1 a.m. with a 39-12 victory for Ft. Wayne Homestead, but a loss or a late night game couldn’t stop on Valpo’s parade - we'll see you next week for Senior Night! 

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