Little Black Dress 2015 Was an Evening of Fashion and Fun

Chicago Street Theater, Bargain Barn, and Once Upon A Child were thrilled to host their 4th Annual Little Black Dress Party!

Hosted in the CST theater itself, the night was jam packed with luxury. With gorgeous runway models modeling styles by Bargain Barn's Tevlyn Schwerd, adorable showings of children's clothing from Once Upon A Child, massages, mani­pedis, a silent auction, a cash bar from Pikks, AND delicious food. Attendees never had a dull moment!

Check out all the photos from Little Black Dress here!

Best of all, proceeds were going towards Chicago Street Theater itself in support of the arts in our community.

Some guests were returning attendees from the past years, but many were first time goers who heard how fun the night was bound to be!

"I was really looking forward to seeing some friends, catching up with them, and seeing what the theater has done with their auditorium!" attendee Karen Vogelsang enthused, "I knew it would be a relaxed, fun night with friends!"

Bargain Barn's own Tevlyn Schwerd was equally excited about the evening.

"The concept of the whole night is showing fabulous fashion for great prices," Schwerd explained, "You're going to see everything from our sporting clothes, to military tactical, to boutique style clothing. It's just SO not a typical fashion show! It's a quirky way to combine fashion and theater into one."

While the clothes modeled were amazing on their own, even more impressive were the fantastic models wearing them! They strutted the stage, each donning about three outfits, smiling and working it the whole time.

First time model Brittany Brice, a Valpo High School Junior, was thrilled to be in the show after performing at CST before.

"I've never done this before, and I'm so excited to experience it!" Brice gushed, "We had a rehearsal earlier and I had so much energy, and I can't wait to see what everyone thinks of all the outfits. They're all incredibly unique and reflect the personalities of the people wearing them since we got to pick them out ourselves!"

Of course, none of the event would be possible without the hard work of those at Chicago Street Theater, like Eric Brant!

"This is such an exciting way to support the arts, while bringing so many members of the community together and even getting them involved," Brant said. "These models love strutting their stuff on the runway, and they're good at it! Now that we incorporate both Once Upon A Child and Bargain Barn, we really see stylings for every age and it's even more fun."

With fashion, fun, and friends all in one place, you really can't go wrong.